Hiring Decisions: Choose the Right Candidates with ExpertRating's Online Certifications

Hiring Decisions: Choose the Right Candidates with ExpertRating's Online Certifications
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Verify Applicant Skills for Better Hiring Decisions

Do you want to increase your chances of hiring the right people to fill the open positions at your company? If so, it’s important to improve your hiring and applicant screening procedure. Pre-employment testing is one way to increase your chances of inviting the right people to join your team. With ExpertRating’s sophisticated and affordable online certifications program, you can verify that job applicants have the skills that you need before extending a job offer. More than 300 online skill certification tests are available, covering topics that include computer skills, legal terminology, chemical engineering, and just about anything else you might need to assess.

Online Certifications Exam Security

There’s no need for concern about verifying that applicants complete their own tests when you utilize ExpertRating for pre-employment testing, thanks to the company’s LiveProctor technology. The system utilizes a webcam to establish and verify the test taker’s photo identity at the beginning of the exam and throughout the testing session. The system also tracks other applications running on the computer, keyboard activity, the IP address, and more. You’ll easily be able to verify that the person who completed the test is the individual you are considering for an open position, and you can be confident that test results reflect the applicant’s actual knowledge and skills.

Delivering ExpertRating Pre-Employment Testing Exams

Purchase individual tests or simply set up an employer account that allows you to save money on pre-employment testing exams based on testing volume. When you’re ready to assess an applicant’s skill level, simply place an online order for the exam of your choice and assign the test to the candidate who will be completing the assessment. Applicants will be able to take the test from their home computer, with no software to install. Other than Internet access, all test takers will need to complete their ExpertRating assessment from home is a webcam. For applicants who do not have the necessary equipment and service, you can require them to test at your office or to find a proctor site in their local area.

About ExpertRating Certification Tests

ExpertRating is recognized as an industry leader in the development and delivery of online certifications, tests and exams; it offers both employer and individual testing solutions. The company has earned the prestigious ISO 9001-2000 certification, an indicator that both its online certification exam products and testing procedures represent the highest standards in pre-employment skill assessment.

When you work with ExpertRating as part of your pre-employment screening and hiring process, you’ll enjoy the benefits of pre-testing potential workers without having to go to the significant expense of developing your own assessment instruments or staffing a testing center. Instead, you’ll be able to rely on the expertise of this reputable testing company to take care of this important human resources procedure for you.


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