Guideline to Becoming a Certified Energy Manager at the Indian Government Institute

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What does a Certified Energy Manager Do?

The government of India has passed an energy conservation act in 2001, and as a result of that it has become mandatory to appoint a certified energy manager by all designated energy consumers alike: the steel industry, cement industry, paper industry, copper industries, and so forth. Therefore, there is a huge demand for certified energy managers that are continued to be required in coming days by these heavy industries.

A certified energy manger can start a career as a freelance energy consultant. S/He may also find employment in the equipment (like home appliances, motors, transfers etc.) manufacturing sector. A certified energy manager typically performs the following tasks:

  • S/He calculates the future investment proposal of the organization toward reducing energy costs and presents it to management for approval.
  • The consultant forms an energy conservation cell inside the organization. The cell will monitor and initiate the necessary action towards energy conservation.
  • Analyze energy consumption of equipment and suggest necessary improvement for energy conservation.
  • A certified energy manager takes the lead for creating awareness about energy conservation in the organization.
  • Co-ordinate with external agencies for smooth execution of energy conservation projects.
  • Facilitate smooth flowing of energy consumption data to all required departments.
  • S/He ensures calibration and proper functioning of energy consumption measuring equipment throughout the organization.

Procedure for Becoming a Certified Energy Manager in India

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is the only government organization in India to provide certification for these professionals. If you are a diploma holding engineer with six years of relevant experience (or a graduate engineer with at least three years of relevant experience or a post graduate engineer with two years of relevant experience), then you are eligible for taking the energy manger certification exam.

Then you must take the certification exam. Once you pass the exam, you will become a BEE certified energy manager.


BEE is the only recognized organization in India which provides certificates for energy managers. Because of the energy conservation act and also a growing awareness, lots of jobs are being created in this sector. Starting a consultancy firm is another lucrative career option for any certified energy manger.