How an Online EKG Certification Enhances Careers in the Medical Field

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Nurse or Physician Assistant Mulling Over an Online EKG Certification?

In her article entitled “EKG Technician Job Responsibilities,” Bright Hub’s own Leigh A. Zaykoski outlined the wide array of tasks a properly trained EKG (or ECG) technician performs. They include electrocardiograms administration, room setup prior to testing, routine machine check, lead placement, and of course patient interaction.

It is noteworthy that while cardiovascular technologists or technicians may be hired to perform this activity in a major hospital, within the smaller settings of adjunct hospitals, wellness centers, physicians’ offices, and also urgent care facilities it is a likely scenario that it is a physician assistant or nurse, who will perform these duties. This is where an online EKG certification comes in handy for medical professionals already working in this capacity.

Although by and large an online EKG certification is open only to graduates from an ECG technician course, the National Center for Competency Testing will accept 12 months of full time work experience with EKG administration in lieu of the formal training. If you are currently a nurse or physician assistant, you may need to ask your employer to document your work with EKG equipment in a letter of recommendation. Upon successful completion of the testing, you are awarded the online EKG certification, and your employability within the medical profession is sure to skyrocket concurrently.

Medical Employer Considering Online EKG Certification for Staff Nurses and Other Medical Personnel?

On the flipside of the equation are medical employers that seek to keep staff nurses and other medical personnel on the cutting edge of not only skills, but also certificated areas of training. In this instance, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) is the driving entity behind an education culminating in an online EKG certification.

The coursework involved satisfies the prerequisites of an online EKG certification in basic ECG interpretation. It is interesting to note that this program is open not only to nurses, but also to technicians and other medical professionals, who come in contact with cardiac patients. In this case, the certification process is overseen by the AACN but administered by the employer licensing the coursework. Thus, it is the employer who will issue the actual certificates, not AACN directly.

The online courses that medical professionals wanting to earn this online EGK certification must master are rhythms – sinus, atrial, ventricular, and junctional – as well as basic cardiac anatomy and EKG interpretation. As the medical staff receives a valuable certificate as proof of a crucial bit of specialized education, the employer also profits.

As a superior recruitment tool, the availability of an online EKG certification onsite enables a medical employer to woo the best and brightest applicants. Moreover, with all EKG providers being on the same page with respect to knowledge, training and experience, mistakes and miscommunications are kept at a bare minimum.