Earning an Online Certification: Superintendent Candidates What You Must Know

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Looking For an Online Certification? Superintendent Not on Your List? Let the Figures Convince You!

Perhaps you are shying away from earning a school superintendent online certification merely because you are uncertain of the job outlook. The figures, as offered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics(1), paint a rosy picture for the holder of such an online certification. Superintendent salaries fall right around the $105,000 mark, which is comparable to the incomes of other top level management executives.

A superintendent of schools is considered the CEO of a school district. Under the direct supervision of the school board, the superintendent has the power to enforce state laws such as they govern all aspects of the educational experience of students in the district. Moreover, superintendents function as media and publicity liaisons by issuing press releases, making themselves available for media interviews, and answering questions from other third parties about the overall functioning of the school district. Staffing, training of personnel, and union relations also all fall under the superintendent’s supervision.

Of course, because of the rather lucrative pay, the competition on the school superintendent level is fierce. Before seeking an online certification, superintendent candidates oftentimes already hold a Master’s degree in Education Administration. They may also hold masters’ level degrees in ancillary coursework, as is explained in the article entitled “Online Master Degree in Educational Leadership at UNLV,” penned by Bright Hub’s own Amanda88. Another option is a Doctorate degree in Education, as is outlined by Jacqueline Cataldo in the article “What is an Ed.D?”

Earning a Top Level Executive Online Certification: Superintendent

By far the best education solution for the future school superintendent is an online certification. Superintendent applicants are likely already working in the education administration field, or may pull double duty in education administration and teaching. This makes time a precious commodity - but with the opportunity to earn the online certification after-hours or on weekends, there is a good chance the student will not have to curtail the responsibilities s/he currently enjoys.

As an excellent example of a program offering an online certification, superintendent candidates in Texas should know about the University of Texas’ U TOPS class. The coursework covers a number of aspects the superintendents’ future leadership role demands: four courses discussing school district finances, socio-cultural aspects of education, facility design, and school board collaboration are offered via an online certification. Superintendent aspirants must already hold a master’s degree and a mid-management certification. In addition, they should also already be employed by a Texas public school district.

An online certification superintendent applicants in the State of Pennsylvania should know about comes from the California University of Pennsylvania’s SLE program. This online certification is geared to graduate students already employed in a Pennsylvania school district who are looking to upgrade their employability to school superintendent.

While a good many of the classes offered in the SLE program mimic those offered in Texas, one portion of the coursework stands out. The technology and facilities development class – taught in seminar style – prepares future superintendents to not only effectively manage already built facilities and their technological aspects, but also encourages a look forward. Students learn about planning for future facility needs and their technological advances, and become a group of visionary school officials dedicated to taking Pennsylvania school districts into the future of education.

A School Superintendent Online Certification – Is It Worth It?

The short answer is a resounding yes. By committing to the course of study leading to an online certification, superintendent candidates can take advantage of the opportunity to meet many of the licensing requirements in their state of residence.

Moreover, because a lot of the coursework heavily relies on peer review of the individual’s educational leadership, collaboration as well as cooperation is fostered. This is a crucial skill when becoming the top level executive in any school district, and will be of great benefit to anyone seeking a superintendent certification.


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