Become a Certified Welder: AWS Welding Certification

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About AWS

American Welding Society (AWS), a non-profit organization, is founded in 1919 with the aim of supporting welding education and transmitting latest welding technologies to industry. AWS provides many certifications in the field of welding, some of those are:

  • AWS certified welder
  • AWS certified welding inspector
  • AWS certified welding supervisor
  • AWS certified welding engineer

Eligibility to Become an AWS Certified Welder

Any body, who has experience of welding (i.e. currently working some where as welder), can become an AWS certified welder. No prerequisite certifications or education is mandatory. Candidate should pass the certification test and that’s all.

Overview of AWS Certification

  • Get the application form online from the AWS website.
  • Contact your nearest accredited test facility representative for registration.
  • Take the test.
  • Once you have passed your test, performance details will be sent to American welding society. You should expect to get your certificate within six weeks.
  • In case you should not pass the test, you can take the test again by paying the required amount.
  • Once you receive your AWS welding certificate, you should submit an AWS certification maintenance form on every six months. Certification maintenance forms will be supplied by AWS and need a signature from your employer verifying that your work profile has not changed since you have taken the test.
  • The cost of AWS welder certification is only $30.
  • Once you receive AWS certification, your name will be included in AWS certified welder’s database.

Benefits of AWS Certification

  • You will get global recognition based upon your expertise.
  • Your name will be included in the AWS database; employers can easily verify your credential throughout the world.
  • AWS will keep you informed about latest trends so that you can upgrade yourself in line with the latest technological developments.


The American Welding Society is a globally recognized non-profit organization, and AWS certified welders are the most sought after across various types of welding industry. The $30 you must spend for getting an AWS certification - apart from passing the qualification test - is most certainly worth the investment.