What Are the Fast Online Bachelor Degrees? Find Out with Bright Hub

What Are the Fast Online Bachelor Degrees?  Find Out with Bright Hub
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About the Bachelor’s Degree

College courses online have provided many working and busy adults the chance to further their education and earn a degree - even fast online Bachelor degrees.

Online degree programs normally last as long as traditional ones, but a few universities do provide students with the possibility to earn their degree faster than expected. Typically, Bachelor’s degrees are designed to be four-year programs of study and require anywhere from 120 to 128 credit hours.

The opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s degree in less than four years is important for professionals who have already acquired job experience and need a degree to advance in their careers or specialize in a given field. In many cases, universities will give credits to students who have passed tests or have documented experience or licenses. In other cases, institutions offer fast-paced courses that allow students to breeze through terms.

How Quickly Can I Earn It?

The length of time it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree depends mostly on the student. To accelerate your studies, and take approximately half the time of a traditional program, take online classes and seek those programs that can lead to a faster degree, such as…

  • Competency-Based Degree programs

These are programs that grant degrees after assessing the students’ skills and giving them credits for what they have learned in their work and life.

These are programs in place that allow students to earn a degree in 2 years or less. Note: Some universities will allow the completion of degrees to students who have collected credits from other universities during prior enrollment; they assess which courses are still needed for the degree and have fast-paced terms to accelerate completion.

  • Online + Campus programs

By allowing the possibility to take a mix of on-campus and online courses, some universities effectively help students take more courses that they actually would if only taking traditional classes.

Alternatives: For those of you who do not care about accreditation and just want a degree based on work and life experiences, there is even a quicker solution from these two sites…

Competency-Based Degree Programs

With Excelsior College, students have many ways of earning college credits and getting a degree. Excelsior is a regionally accredited institution that offers courses, administers examinations, evaluates transferred classes from an unlimited number of other regionally accredited universities, evaluates experiential learning, accepts AP, CLEP and DSST exams, as well as evaluates students’ portfolios. A student with various life and work experiences, as well as prior college credits, can be just a few tests and classes away from earning a Bachelor’s. Excelsior College offers several B.S. in Business, Technology, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, and Nursing.


This regionally accredited university offers tests, assessments, credits for certifications and work experience. It offers Bachelor’s of Arts and Science in different fields.

  • Western Governors University

This nationally and regionally accredited university uses assessments and tests to give credits for prior experience. It also offers online courses to complete degrees.

Want another school?

  • Drexel University

For those that are looking to enter the field of education, the school has an online bachelor of science in education program. “{The degree] will allow students to pursue elementary education certification, secondary education mathematics certification, or a non-certification option. Courses are sequenced to allow students to complete the program in as little as two years.” [1]

Note: Drexel University offers other accelerated degree programs that enable academically qualified students to earn both a bachelor’s and an advanced degree.

Accelerated Degree Completion Programs

The American Intercontinental University (AIU) offers accelerated degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, IT, Education, Healthcare Management, Marketing, and Visual Communication. It offers fast-paced five-week sessions; Bachelor’s degree students typically take one course per session. This is great for degree-seekers with busy work lives.

“The University of Maryland offers an accelerated nursing program. The student can begin as a Registered Nurse (RN) and progress to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This degree program offers nurses an opportunity to add more skills and knowledge to their current education.” [2]

Online + Campus Programs

Institutions like University of Phoenix (UoP) offer online courses in addition to traditional classes. UoP offers the FlexNet Learning Format that allows students to mix the two learning experiences and create their own flexible program. University of Phoenix offers several Bachelor’s Degree to choose from in a variety of fields.

Helpful Tips

  • Beware of diploma mills and check school accreditation
  • Talk to the school adviser about previously-earned credits before enrolling
  • Compare offers, tuition, and credibility before choosing


This post is part of the series: Fastest Online Degrees

Earning a higher education online does not need to take long to meet degree requirements. Schools have many options, such as an accellerated program, fast-paced curricula, credit-by-evaluation, and more. Students can contact the schools’ admissions office or program department for details.

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