Introduction to Yoga Certification Programs and Training Online

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Practicing breathing exercises, meditation and yoga postures are proven ways of energizing the body and also the mind. Researchers have conclusively established that yoga helps to overcome anxiety, depression, arthritis, asthma, back pain, blood pressure, nervous disorders, posture problems, cardiac disease and a host of other physical and mental ailments.

Online Yoga Certification is for Everyone

For those keen to learn yoga and become yoga instructors – but not able to attend yoga classes due to work schedule conflicts – there are online yoga certification courses available. Through a website exclusively dedicated to yoga training classes, one may obtain the certification in a quite convenient manner. Online yoga certification courses are also a great way to learn yoga for busy office-goers, housewives and college students, who are otherwise pressed for time.

There is a popular misconception that yoga teachers require a type of special personality that shows itself in leading an unworldly life. This is untrue and it is not necessary to lose one’s identity and renounce all material happiness in order to become a certified yoga instructor.

However, it does need to be stated that the online study within a yoga certification program requires a lot of dedication and self-discipline, so as to meticulously follow assignments without supervision. Practicing Yoga is all about strengthening your will power. Any aspirant, who wishes to become an online yoga instructor by choosing an online yoga certification program, must invariably be a self-starter. Let’s consider the case of Hatha Yoga. It must be borne in mind that the plethora of spiritual practices consisting of Mantras, Chakras, Niyamas, Yamas, Doshas, Mudra and Bandhas – all healing techniques and postures in Hatha Yoga – without a proper determination for self-learning would be difficult to master.

Learning Yoga Online

Getting a yoga instructor’s certificate from a reputed online yoga school has never been more affordable than now with the presence of several websites that offer an online yoga certification course. Instead of rushing through, however, one has to painstakingly verify each one of the sites to see if the school is reliable and also accredited. One easy way to know about online yoga schools is to visit the Yoga Alliance site ( where exhaustive information about the online yoga school certification programs is available.

Further, please know that online yoga certification courses can vary greatly between one another. Yoga institutions or alliances look for some very specific qualities when hiring instructors for yoga training. People aspiring to become yoga trainers must also know that in order to be a certified yoga trainer, they need to get a certificate from a reputable yoga alliance and pass the yoga certification program test. Usually an online yoga certification program has a duration of 500 hours (earlier it was 200 hours).

The 500 hour online yoga certification course should ideally consist of coursework in the philosophy of yoga with its historical impact, the principles of physical wellness, study of physiology, acquaintance with anatomy, yoga postures, meditation techniques, and methodologies for teaching students.

Some may argue – and rightly, too – that physical classes under the tutelage of a guru are decidedly a more effective way of learning, but online courses offer greater flexibility to progress fat one’s own pace. Any online yoga certification course one might choose should be on par in its impact with any conventional face to face learning program or it may not be as well regarded in the yoga community.

If one really wants to become a yoga instructor, one must get certified. Aspirants desirous of undergoing online yoga certification programs are assured of immense career growth opportunities, particularly because more and more people are beginning to turn to yoga to overcome the increasing stresses of daily life.