Guide to Earning a Master's Level Electrical Engineering Degree Online

Guide to Earning a Master's Level Electrical Engineering Degree Online
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Types of Courses in a Typical Masters Level Electrical Engineering Degree Online

If you enjoy the complicated nuts and bolts of electricity and how to maximize its uses to give us better infrastructure and communication tactics, you will enjoy some of the master level courses that are offered for an electrical engineering degree online. The master’s degree courses can range from microelectronics and photonics, to communication and signals processing, electric power and energy systems, computing and networking systems, reliable computing, and systems and controls.

What Types of Jobs Can You Expect?

There are many different paths you can follow after obtaining your masters level electrical engineering degree online. It will be up to you to find your strengths and weakness to match up to the path you will enjoy the most in your career.

Here is a short list of what type of fields you can expect working as an electrical engineer:

  • Power systems engineering
  • Electrical equipment manufacturing
  • Portable music player industry
  • Global positioning system (increasing in automobile technology)
  • Electric motors
  • Machinery controls
  • Lighting, and
  • Wiring design in buildings
  • Automobiles
  • Aircraft
  • Radar and navigation systems
  • Power generation

Job Growth and Salary Projections after Earning an Electrical Engineering Degree Online

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2006-2016 the job growth is expected to be between 4-6 percent. The reason this might seem a bit low is because competition will be stiff in America. There is heavy competition from other countries with very qualified electrical engineers working in the same industries. So it will be up to you to make America stand out as a leader and fight for the jobs in the industry.

Salary earnings based on 153,000 Electrical Engineers employed in 2006:

  • Lowest 10%: $49,120
  • Lowest 25%: $60,640
  • Median: $75,930
  • Highest 25%: $94,050
  • Highest 10%: $115,240

Can I Really Earn a Masters Level Electrical Engineering Degree Online?

Yes, and you can take all of your courses online. This will allow you more flexibility with your time and work schedule. Make sure you research costs of credits, accreditation, and specific admissions requirements for online colleges you are considering. Listed below are a few accredited colleges that offer an electrical engineering master degree online. Good luck with your career in Electrical Engineering!

A Few Accredited Colleges Offering a Master’s Level Electrical Engineering Degree Online

Iowa State University

NC State University

Drexel University Online