High Paying Jobs with a Two Year Degree! Online Technical Degree

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Did you know that there are high paying jobs in the tech industry that only require an associate’s degree? Careers in electrical engineering and information technology do not require more than a two-year degree. The really good news is that these degrees can be obtained entirely online.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering technicians make an average of $47,163.00 per year. An associate’s degree is all that is needed to gain entry into this field. Technicians make up almost two thirds of the electrical engineering jobs available. Although it is considered a junior position, there is a lot of room for growth. The ideal degree will be an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from an accredited school.

All engineering careers are paying well right now. Earning an associate’s degree – and then obtaining job specific certifications while working – is a very smart way to earn while you learn.

IT Jobs

For jobs in information technology there are many career paths that require a two year degree and nothing more. An Associate of Applied Science with a major in computer systems, information technology, or web design will get you far.

According to PayScale, web designers with a two-year degree make an average of $48,785.00 per year. Experience in web design will always be in demand as long as companies have products to sell. This can even become a work-from-home situation! The web designer’s career path lends itself to entrepreneurial individuals who want to go into business for themselves. Others work for major companies. Not all websites are visible to the public. Large corporations have internal web pages that need designing, too. They pay well, especially if you have additional training in computer security.

Computer Support Specialists are those who work and run help desks and call centers. Any two-year degree with a focus on computer systems will get your foot in the door. The average salary is $46,111.00.

An associate’s degree is always worth the money. Those with an associate’s degree make an average of 25% more than those without a degree. See an article on Distance Learning and Undergraduate Degrees for additional information on this topic.