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Overview Of Java

Java is a programming language that has borrowed some of its syntax or rules from other more familiar languages such as C and C++. This programming language was designed to be uncomplicated enough that most programmers can use it thus enabling them to develop computer programs effortlessly.

Sun Microsystems, a computer software and peripheral company based in Santa Clara, California, is the sole developer of the Java platform. This company is not unknown to the world of open source products like the Unix or Linux operating systems. Sun Microsystems decided to also liberate the Java foundational code to the public in 2006. They managed to keep a certain portion of the foundational code under copyright.

Java is a web application that you have undoubtedly used if you own a computer or other device. Even if you use a cell phone, you have interacted with some form of Java. Your electronic equipment for work may be dependent upon some type of Java platform. This platform can be used with many software applications such as the Windows versions, Solaris and Unix open source operating systems and the Apple operating software.

This software will run in most Web browsers or services allowing users great interaction and usability. There are many applications you use everyday that use the Java programming platform such as google maps, games on most cell phones, games within your web browser and even the Kindle book reader.

Having the very basic Java certifications may actually help you to get your foot in the door. Software developers are in need of people who are Java proficient. They need those who will help create software applications and functions that will keep up with the demand that is soaring through the roof. If you would like to become a Java software programmer why not get certified for free?

Why Get IT Certified?

You may need a Java certification even if you are already in the computer programming field or if you seek to break into the industry. Once you own an IT certification in whatever area you specialize in you will in a position to impress employers seeking to fill positions. If you would like to become an programming professional, one of the quickest ways is to get a certification to prove your expertise.

There are various benefits to proudly displaying a Java certification on your resume’. You are relaying the message to an employer that you are “ready” and knowledgeable according to the standards set by the IT industry. Having a Java certification will enable you to earn a more competitive salary. This certification will actually make your resume’ shine in comparison to others. It will prove to the prospective employer that you are serious about your career by displaying the fact that you took the time to get certified. You took the extra initiative to prove your “job readiness” thus creating more opportunities for yourself in the future.

Where Can I Train For Java?

You can train for Java programming in many places both online and off, but you can study for free at His site is wonderful because you are allowed start right away. You can download your very first lesson and begin your new career as a Java programmer within a few minutes. This site is a gem because he will give you access to Java study materials and training that will help you accomplish your goals. He is there for website support as well. He gives you the opportunity to contact him with questions if you have any.

His goal is to leave behind those who will continue to construct more applications and capabilities when it comes to the Java programming language. He offers his expertise and training suggestions and tips. He is willing to provide you with a great self study course that may prove to be the basis of your programming career, but he doesn’t promise you anything overnight. You will have to dig deep to acquire the knowledge it takes to pass the Java Certification exam. You will also be provided with great places to take practice examinations and gain access to free Java web tutorials. Be forewarned that your success depends upon your discipline.

His training resources on his site are self-paced, but thorough. You have all that you need to get started with your Java certification training. You may soon become the next Java professional and maybe even come up with a new revolutionary function or program that will change the electronics world all the more!


What is Java?