What Can I Do With a Bachelors Degree in Psychology?

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What Can I Do With My Education?

Many of us know you need a doctorate level degree in psychology to become a licensed psychologist, so what would you be able to do with the bachelors level degree in psychology? Although you can not get licensed or practice mental health at the undergraduate level, there are other opportunities out there for you. Are these opportunities enough or should you go for the higher degree?

What it Entails?

Maybe you have an interest about how human beings think or behave. Maybe you find great interest in the many works of theorists such as Freud or Adler. Whatever the reason you decide to get the undergraduate degree in psychology. So what does this entail? Besides taking your required general education courses you will take a specific number of courses in psychology. More popular classes at the undergraduate level include:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Human Development
  • Child Development
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Tests & Measurements
  • Research & Assessments

A bachelor’s degree is 120 credits and it all depends on the college as to how many of these credits need to be psychology courses. Some people may take some or even all of their classes online as well. Colleges which offer Psychology degrees online at the undergraduate level include (feel free to click on the links to check out our online college reviews):

What Happens Next?

After attaining the degree what jobs can you expect to get? One of the more popular choices for an individual who has a Bachelors degree in Psychology is research assistant to psychologists but many people find themselves in other fields as well. If one does want to attain a higher level of work in psychology, he or she must go on to attain a higher level degree. At the master’s level you could become licensed as a mental health professional or counselor. At the doctoral level you could become a licensed psychologist or a full time faculty member at a university.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for research assistants is $35,870.If you are looking for a job with only a bachelor’s in psychology it is very unlikely you will find yourself in the profession, at least not at a high salary. If you are in fact looking to work as a counselor or psychologist, then it is recommended that you look into getting a higher degree in the field.