How Does the Impact of Online Education Affect Online Students?

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Positive and Negative Impacts of Online Education

Online education does have an impact on the lives of students. Although the method of learning takes place online, students are still able to learn. There is the positive impact on students after completing their degree. The negative impact can include lack of communication with others. Students do not hang out in the student union and sit at tables with classmates in online education. Online education has a different impact on everyone, much like traditional on-campus classroom environments. This negative impact has changed at some online schools, as students are engaging in typed-discussions and live chat sessions. Online education is also impacting society. Society is shifting closer to online education, just as people are being drawn into using more technology.

Good Changes in the Lack of Student Interaction

This is often a controversial topic because some individuals believe that online learners lack interaction with other students. This may be true for some online learning programs. Technology is contributing to the betterment of many of the online programs housed by distance education providers. For example, weekly discussions are becoming more popular across the board of online education programs. These online colleges and universities that make online discussion boards a part of the graded assignments require students to participate. Students are given a topic to type a discussion post on. Commenting on the posts of other students’ contributions to the discussion board will be graded for that topic. Making discussions a part of the curriculum, allows students to have interaction with the instructor and other students. Social interaction also occurs with online programs that hold live weekly chats. You can hear the instructor lecturing and see new notes for the week, while you type in your comments and questions via an instant messenger interface. Group projects are becoming well known also. Online schools are even adopting student clubs and organizations for involvement.

More about the Positive Impacts of Online Learning

Online learning can contribute to a gain in self-discipline. Educational goals can be reached by getting an online education. Student’s become more computer savvy from continuously using technology to do research, type assignments, and use specific software to complete projects. Some online programs even offer fast-track programs that allow prospective graduates to complete degree programs faster.

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