What Can An A+ Certification Do For Me? Benefits of A+ Certification

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What Will I Gain From Having An A+ Certification?

As the holder of a CompTIA A+ certification, you are bringing quality to the hiring table. You are letting that employer know that you are serious about your career. You respect the industry enough to actually work for and achieve ownership of a A+ certification. You are relaying the message that you have the skill set needed to begin your IT career.

This signals to most employers that there will be less time and money spent on the task of training you. They will be assured that you already possess A+ training and know enough about computers and their technology that you will only need to learn those things that are more job-specific. This is beneficial to all involved as it helps you to gain a new set of career alternatives.

Career options will open up for you. You will be able to work for others or you can open a business for yourself. You can open up a computer repair shop for yourself. You can start selling computers that you refurbish or design using customization as a way to draw in customers. The sky is the limit when you actually have a resume displaying the CompTIA A+ certification proudly.

More Benefits

There are other career options that are available to you if those aren’t to your liking. You can work for other computer repair shops. Some of these are mobile shops. There are some that are client specific in that they may have a list of clients that they are obligated to help when they have a need. If you work for a company like this, you may work at several different sites during the course of your workday or workweek.

If you are a PC technician or Field Service Technician, you may earn slightly more than your colleagues if you have an A+ certification or A+ training. You are more than likely to be placed above other job candidates. This will give you the chance to work in a higher position or receive higher pay.

Overall, those who have an A+ certification can’t lose out by having one. You should be able to land the job you desire because you are proving that you are knowledgeable of the basics in PC repair and network/domain administration.

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