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Types of Scholarships for Online Students

Regionally accredited online universities offering degree programs usually provide scholarships. If your degree is Religion or Biblical related, then these types of scholarships may be available to eligible online students.

-Essay scholarships ( Select a topic or theme related in line with your application, such as why you want to be in the ministry. It is important that you reveal something about yourself. Since your essay is in competition with other student applicants, your work must stand out and shine.)

-General scholarships (Funds are awarded to selected students who apply.)

-Scholarships based on religious affiliation (United Methodist, Southern Baptist Convention, etc.)

-Academic scholarships (These are awarded to students with exceptional achievement, students in elementary, secondary and Christian education, business administration, etc.)

-Scholarship drawings

-Organizational scholarships (Alumni, Women’s Auxiliary, etc.)

-Need based scholarships (These scholarships help bridge the financial gap of students of low to middle income families that earn too much for government grants but cannot afford tuition.)

-Ministry scholarships (Students eligible are those with talents in evangelism, missionary,children’s, youth and music ministries.)

-Citizenship scholarships (Those Individuals involved in student services in government or athletics, etc., may apply.)

-Named Scholarships Endowments (These are donor awarded funds.)

-Grant programs that are sponsored by the individual church.

-Founders’ and Trustees’ scholarship funds

-Multicultural or Bilingual scholarships (These scholarships are awarded to students of any ethnicity that is able to promote a culture of diversity. A bilingual student may qualify for this scholarship if fluent in English and another language. Usually the student must be a low income minority and is nominated for these scholarships.)

Where to Find Christian School Scholarships

When selecting a reputable, fully accredited online university, apply directly to the school’s financial aid office. Applications are usually obtained online for your convenience.

Theses are sources where you can access information concerning scholarships available for online students who are earning Biblical related degrees.

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