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Overview of the A+Certification

The A+ Certification is one that is highly recognized by most IT professionals and employers. This certificate assures employers that you are an entry level IT employee. You are capable of handling most common hardware and software issues on Level one.

This certification may enable you to become an information technology help desk technician. They are those who you most often speak to when you need assistance with resetting your passwords on the company’s domains. They would be the best ones to talk to when you need to install some type of company-specific software. If you have the permissions to connect to your network from home or remotely, it would be your help desk at work to initially set you up for that.

Those who hold an A+ certification, will have the rights and permissions to access the company’s network. Their job is to assist their clients with connectivity and keep their systems running smoothly. If you feel that you would like to be apart of help desk team, then you should obtain an A+ certification. But, these are just a few of the reasons they are advantageous to an prospective IT professional.

How Will It Help Me?

With an A+ certification, doors will swing wide open allowing you to walk into a brighter future. It will afford you the chance to start a great career as an IT professional. You will be apart of one of the most sought out professions, being that we live in the era of computing technology. It may be extremely hard to find many homes or offices that don’t actually own a PC today, compared to the early 1990s. You can work for employers whose job is to help keep their clients happy by keeping their computers in optimal condition.

The beauty of having an A+ certification is that it will open many doors for you although you only have a high school diploma and the CompTIA certification. You may be able to make over $50,000 a year or more even though you don’t have a Computer Science degree. You will be put in the forefront of others who don’t have one at all. Your resume’ will shine when you have A+ certified written on it.

What Is CompTIA?

Just like any other industry, the Information Technology field comes with their own set of standards and certifications. Well, (Computing Technology Industry Association) CompTIA is the organization that sets the pace for the IT field, worldwide. It is the foundation of quite a few IT professionals’ careers. It is perfectly acceptable to have an A+ certification with no college degree in the IT field.

CompTIA, is the association at the forefront of the computer field and industry. They seek to keep its members up to date with any new advancements and education. They offer training and education that will propel your career to levels unheard of. They have certification programs that will actually help you break into the IT field without having to spend any money on college tuition. These certifications will boost the resume’ of those who are longtime veterans in the computing field as well.

But, it may be the CompTIA A+ certification that most would love to have on their résumé. This certification can make a great foundation for anyone in the IT field. It would exemplify that you have strong knowledge in the basics of computer and hardware systems. Most who have an A+ certification actually have knowledge about installing computer parts and its overall operations. They ensure hiring personnel that you are capable of repairing computer systems. You are able to configure and troubleshoot most computer operation problems on Level One. This certifies that you have the basic skills of any entry-level computer technician.

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