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A Little Background

Boston University Online is a part of BU’s Extended Education Program and was developed and is managed by the university’s Office of Distance Education. The faculty and staff in this office make technology utilization and function their number one priority so that students can work to their fullest learning potential. They seek quality in education through using a phenomenal online instructional environment complete with simulations, video multimedia (conferencing, presentations), discussion boards, etc. Boston University Online is technology at its finest and opens a door for the working community looking to sink their teeth into something new.

Boston University Online offers 20 online degree programs, certificate programs, and online courses from their various schools within the university to date. Each one of these programs is exactly the same as the on-campus versions, only difference being the convenience for the student. These type of online programs offer the flexibility of scheduling around work and other priorities that often make them more appealing than traditional university programs.

Boston University (all sectors) is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Boston University Online is affiliated with several associations including the: United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), Sloan Consortium, and the University Continuing Education Association (UCEA).

The Programs Offered at BU Online

BU Online offers a plethora of degree opportunities and course offerings that may just suit your particular niche. Here are some of the programs offered:

Undergraduate Degrees

BU offers as Undergraduate Degree Completion Program that is suitable for students who have completed part of a Bachelor’s degree program in the past but never got a chance to finish. This is a liberal arts and social sciences type program that upon completion will grant a student in this situation a full Bachelors degree.

Graduate Degrees (Masters and Doctorates)

  • Masters in Criminal Justice
  • Masters of Arts in Arts Education
  • Masters of Science in Management (many concentrations)
  • Masters of Music in Music Education (more details in next article)
  • Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems (many concentrations)
  • Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education (more details later in this article series)
  • Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Physical Education, Health Education, and Coaching

Professional Certificates/Courses

  • Paralegal
  • CMA

There are several individual courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels available. For more information on these programs click here.

Cost and Financial Aid

The tuition prices for the above programs range anywhere from $571-$1,142 per credit hour, not including technology and registration fees. Tuition costs for individual courses may be a bit lower. This seems a bit pricey, but it is well worth the status you receive in attending this school and obtaining a degree from such an institution.

If you do feel, however, that the price is indeed a bit overwhelming, then there are financial aid programs to assist you such as grants, scholarships, and federal loans as well as payment plan options. You will have the option of speaking with an Enrollment Advisor about your financial situation and what can be done for you.

Student Services

Boston University Online offers the same student services that the campus students receive. Some of these include; access to online university libraries (23 to be exact!), university bookstore and computer store, disability services, career services, and technical support services.

Technology Requirements

The system requirements at BU Online are fairly standard in today’s technological society and similar to those used in other online programs. These standards include: Windows XP or Mac OS X, 1GHz processor, and 256MB of RAM. BlackBoard Vista is the online interface of choice at BU.

Fun Facts About BU

In 1872, Boston University became the first university to offer women degrees from all its sectors and in 1877, it became the first university to offer a Ph.D. to a woman.

Alexander Graham Bell was paid one year’s salary to be a professor and study research at Boston University. Shortly after, he invented the telephone in a BU laboratory on campus!

The 1980 USA Men’s Gold-Medal winning, Olympic Hockey team had four members that graduated from BU, including the captain, Mike Eruzione.

The BU faculty consists of four Nobel prize winners.

For more facts and statistics on BU, visit their website.

Don’t you want the success that these people have attained? Check out Boston University Online today before your window of opportunity closes for good.