Online Minors in College From Oregon State University: Why Minor in College?

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I Have a Bachelor’s Degree: What’s the Point of a Minor?

You might find yourself asking, “Why minor in college and what purpose does it serve?”

A minor is a great way to complement your bachelor’s degree and give yourself a competitive edge in your career. A good example of getting this edge would be if you earned your bachelor’s degree in business and you want to open up a chemical analysis company. A minor in chemistry would be beneficial not only for understanding your business better but also help you with the hiring of chemists, understanding chemistry lingo, what types of analysis services your company will offer, and marketing your product more efficiently.

You can flip-flop this scenario as well. Suppose you earned your degree in chemistry and want to open up a chemical analysis company. You can earn a minor in business and entrepreneurship to get additional training on how to make your business profitable, human resources, marketing, and learn how to obtain business loans to start up your company. Do not overlook a minor because it will be extra money and additional schooling. These extra skills you gain with a minor can be the factor that gives you the edge on having a successful career.

Are You Eligible to Earn Your Undergraduate Minor Online Through OSU?

You will need to have already earned you bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. If you meet this requirement you need to speak with a student advisor after you send your official transcript to Oregon State University. You will also need to take a minimum of 15 credits through OSU’s coursework for the minor you are applying for.

The 12 Minors offered Through Oregon State and Requirements

  1. Anthropology: The Anthropology Minor is offered online to give students a better understanding of cultures of the past, cultures of the present, and understanding of human society.
  2. Business and Entrepreneurship: The Business and Entrepreneurship online minor will focus teaching students skills in managing commercialization of a business opportunity, recognize a profitable venture, and how to secure funding for a business venture.
  3. Chemistry: The Chemistry online minor will teach students the base knowledge in different areas of chemistry. You will also have the flexibility to choose chemistry courses that match your career goals. General chemistry courses are all available online with one exception. CH 337 has to be taken at a brick and mortar school. You will have to speak with your advisor or the Dean of the Chemistry department to make sure your local course is equivalent to CH 337.
  4. Environmental Science: The Environmental Science minor online provides coursework to teach students how to problem solve environmental issues we face today on our planet. There is a Prerequisite of one year of biology and physics (or chemistry) classes both with labs. You will need to call your student advisor after submitting your official transcripts to make sure you meet this prerequisite.
  5. Fisheries and Wildlife: The Fisheries and Wildlife online minor is offered to teach students about sustaining our natural resources.
  6. German: The German minor online is dedicated to teaching students advanced German literature and language. Prerequisite: Before upper division classes can be taken you must have completed first and second year college level German.
  7. Political Science: The Political Science minor is a good complement to Environmental Science or Natural Resource Bachelor Degrees. Most course work contains environmental content and political issues.
  8. Psychology: The Psychology minor will explore a variety of subjects that teach Psychology as a scientific behavioral discipline.
  9. Sociology: The Sociology minor will explore social interaction, social forces, and the study of human society. This minor will put an emphasis on values shaped by class, gender, ethnic differences, and also delve into more complex issues of globalization.
  10. U.S. History: The U.S. History minor offers courses that will differ all the way from the history of civil war, gay and lesbian civil rights movements, to the history of women in the U.S.
  11. Natural Resources: The Natural Resource minor offers core courses: Introduction to Forestry, Recreation Management, Principles of Wildlife Conservation, Managing Natural Resources for the Future, and Rangeland Ecology and Management. The rest of the curriculum is flexible and you should consult your student advisor for advice if you are looking to pursue a certain career path.
  12. Writing: The Writing minor is geared to help students with communication skills, study of literature, creative writing, and to think broadly about addressing complex problems we are faced with in today’s world.

Costs and Curriculum Structure

The cost per credit hour, including fees, is $248. Books are available through OSU bookstore online or will be in the form of an Ebook. Lengths of these minors and number of credits differ throughout all of the various programs. Call the Ecampus phone number for the specific number of credits needed for each minor. The classes will be taught through Blackboard which can be accessed 24/7. There are some classes that have video streams that instructors teach through as well.

How Do I Get Started?

You can contact the school either by phone or by email through the Ecampus section on Oregon State’s main web page. You will have to send an official transcript of your degree and your classes will be assessed for transferability. Then get yourself signed up and get started on your chosen minor!