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Explore Distance Learning Options at Harvard

Distance learning programs have changed the way many of us look at college. Something that once may have been impossible is now very much in reach. Have you always desired a degree from an Ivy League School? Fulfill a lifelong dream by earning a degree from the Harvard Extension School at a distance. The great news is that it is not as expensive or difficult to get in as one would think.

Accreditation & Programs

Since the Harvard Extension School is part of Harvard University, it is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is located in Cambridge, MA. The school has over 600 classes available with over 200 of those classes available online. To take a course online or through the weekend and evening program, you just need to register and pay the tuition. There is also a $50 registration fee, but no required tests or essays to write.

In addition to online classes, the Harvard Extension School also offers partial distance learning programs. These degree programs include a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Master’s degrees in Liberal Arts, Biotechnology, Journalism, Information Technology, Management, Mathematics for Teaching, Museum Studies and Sustainability & Environmental Management. All of these degree programs require the student to take at least one class on campus and some require at 5 classes to be taken on campus. If you live in the New England area this may work out well for you. The remaining classes can be taken online.


Admission into the degree programs are a little more extensive than just registering, but not much more. Applicants only need a 2.5 GPA to apply to the B.A. program and must pass the required expository writing classes. Graduate admissions require a B.A. from a regionally accredited school. Both the undergrad and graduate programs require applicants to pass the on-campus classes in order to be admitted to the programs.

There are several programs at Harvard that can be completed entirely online. They are the certificate programs in Nanotechnology, Religious Studies and Education, Software Engineering, Sustainability, and Web Technologies, Admission into these programs requires a B.A. from a regionally accredited school and completion of the required core courses.

The online classes contain the same lectures the on-campus classes do. Students simply login to the password protected website and view the lectures that are made available online a few days after the live lecture. Assignments are due by a certain date and are submitted electronically to the professor. Most communication with other students and professors is done through e-mail.


The Harvard Extension School was designed to be affordable; therefore the costs are not astronomical. Non-credit courses can cost about $450 for the entire course. Undergraduate credit courses will cost about $1,020. Graduate credit courses cost up to $2,000. These prices do not include the costs of books. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Federal financial aid is only available to those who are enrolled in one of the degree programs. Private student loans are available to those who qualify.

The distance education you would receive as a student at the Harvard Extension School is equal to the on-campus education. There is no distinction on the diploma detailing how the degree was earned. It will simply say Harvard. An online degree from Harvard would be a boost to both your confidence and to your resume.