Baker Online College Overview: Information About Online Master Degrees and MBAs From Baker College

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Why Is the Baker College Online Experience Unique?

You have already seen it written – most likely in numerous Baker College reviews – that obtaining a college degree at the school’s online branch is refreshingly different from other experiences students may have had with distance learning schools. Whether it is a certificate, diploma, undergraduate degree online, or a master’s degree, this college remains true to its vision of adding subject matter to its online courses that make the degree a proof of the holder’s ability to compete in today’s job market. This quite obviously gives graduates a serious edge in a very competitive job market.

In addition to the foregoing, the fact that Baker is a not-for-profit but fully accredited school – the United States Department of Education recognizes it as being regionally accredited via the Higher Learning Commission – greatly diminishes the cost that prospective students are asked to pay for their degrees. Tuition is charged by the quarter credit hour and varies between programs.

For the 2011/2012 school year, Baker charges $210 per credit hour for undergraduate tuition and $375 for its graduate courses(1). For an overview on the actual costs associated with getting a graduate degree via any distance learning school, check out the Bright Hub article entitled The Real Cost of an Online Masters Program.

Graduate Online Programs

The school offers three graduate degree programs, of which two are available to students online:

  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Master of Occupational Therapy (not available online)
  3. Master of Science in Information Systems

Within these three degree programs, the Master of Business Administration holds a variety of applicable programs to choose from. Under its umbrella, there are further options to choose a specialty or field of emphasis in finance, accounting, health care management, general, business, human resources management, marketing, leadership studies or information management. Fifty-three quarter hours are required to fulfill the online program requirements that lead to a degree.

In comparison, the Master of Science in Information Systems has no sub-majors and it takes 55 quarter hours to finish the online degree. This is also true for the Master of Occupational Therapy. It is noteworthy that the school also features a post graduate degree entitled Doctor of Business Administration.

Admission Procedure for an MBA

Baker College reviews show that the online branch of the school permits access to its online masters’ degree programs in business administration to all students who fill out an application package and pay a $25 processing fee. Accompanying the package should be an essay numbering 500 to 1,000 words that explains why a student is choosing this course of study and particular program, three letters recommending the student to Baker, official transcripts that verify the receipt of an undergraduate degree and also a professional resume. The resume should show a three year full-time work history.

Although the online masters degrees in business administration and management information systems contain a variety of courses that are offered via the Internet, the enrollment office does urge students to verify that they can complete their course of study solely in this manner.


(1)Baker College. “Tuition Charges & Fees” (accessed January 18, 2010)