Where to Get an Online Degrees for Horticulture: Warnborough College in Ireland Offers It Internationally

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Horticulture Bachelor of Science Degree at Warnborough College

Warnborough College, Ireland, in conjunction with ACS Distance Education (UK), provides an undergraduate degree program for individuals wanting to earn a bachelor degree in horticulture. Earned credits may be applied to the program with the Prior Learning Assessment offered by the institution.

Students may enroll and begin the self paced degree program anytime through Warnborough Worldwide distance education. These are but a few of the core courses included in the studies: Horticulture, Botany, Soil Management, Irrigation and Statistics. Numerous electives to choose from are in Turf Management, Landscape Construction, Arboriculture, Biochemistry, Plant Breeding and Operational Business Management. Research projects are required for each year of the program. A total of 120 credit points will reward the student a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture from Warnborough College, Ireland.

The duration of the degree program for self paced student is approximately 3,000 hours of study time. The student may select a combination of studying by obtaining modules of courses online, from videos and actual textbooks.

Tuition Fee and Financial Assistance

The school’s tuition plan for international distance education students is $191.75 in U.S. dollars per credit point.

Financial aid may be available for mature students (over 60), students with physical disabilities, individuals born or living in developing countries or Warnborough Alumni (spouse and children). Scholarships may be available for qualifying students.

Warnborough College prefers the payment of bank to bank transfers, but payment options should be discussed with the institution’s financial office.


The international distance education program at Warnborough College, accredited by Accreditation Services for International Colleges (ASIC), partners with ACS Distance Education (UK), which is internationally recognized by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC). ACS Distance Education is used in several known and credible colleges from around the world.

Job Opportunities and Earnings

A career in horticulture, whether as a landscape contractor, park supervisor, irrigation specialist, arborist (tree specialist), golf course manager or landscape designer, earnings will vary depending on your location.