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Environmental Public Health Degree

What is it?

The Environmental Concentration within the Masters Program of Public Health focuses on learning the in depth relationships of how our physical surroundings affect the health of numerous populations. This includes issues spanning from the air we breathe and food we eat to wearing a seatbelt in our cars and a helmet at work. Its goal is clear: to identify, control and prevent negative impacts that our environment inflicts upon our health. There is a growing demand for experts within environmental health and industrial hygiene due to the heightened awareness of the severe consequences toxic waste and pollutants have on our health.

What career and income opportunities can a person expect?

Environmental Heath professionals work for a local state and federal agencies within the public health and environmental sector. The following is list of career opportunities within this field. The asterisk indicates fields that are identified as in high demand. The income ranges are based on a national average. The projected growth is based on the expected increase in demand within that field between 2006 and 2016.

  • Environmental Scientists*
    • $55,000-85,000
    • Projected Growth: 21% or higher
  • Environmental Compliance Inspector*
    • $39,000-50,000 annual
    • Projected Growth: 3%-6%
  • Environmental Health Scientist*
    • $55,00-70,000 annual
    • Projected Growth: 21% or higher
  • Occupational Health Safety Specialist*
    • $55,000-65,000
    • Projected Growth: 7%-13%
  • Infection Control Officer
    • $55,000-80,000
    • Projected Growth: 14%-20%
  • Industrial Waste
    • $65,000-75,000
    • Projected Growth: 7%-13%
  • Emergency Management Specialist*
    • $45,000-60,000
    • Projected Growth: 7%-13%
  • Food Safety and Regulation
    • $45,000-90,000
    • Projected Growth: 7%-13%

What are some of the courses I will have to take?

  • Principles of biostatistics
  • Foundations of Epidemiology
  • Environmental Risk Factors
  • Community Health Education
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Environmental and Occupational health
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Public Health Policy and Administration
  • Crisis in Environmental Health
  • Laboratory Science in Public Health
  • Environmental Law


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