Choosing the Right Master's Degree in History Online

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How to Choose

Once you have decided to pursue a Master’s degree in history online, it is time to choose the right online university for you. Visit the website for each university you are considering and evaluate their information. Do they provide clear answers for the questions you are seeking? Do they clearly explain how classes and tuition work? Email their main contact address. Do they get back to you right away? Do they seem friendly and engaging? These qualities are important, especially for an online university. Ideally, your online university should be responsive and clearly explain their degree requirements.

Your decision may not be very difficult since there are only a limited number of online universities that offer a Master’s degree in history. Two of the most popular online history programs are offered by American Military University (AMU) and Norwich University. These online history degrees offer convenience, affordability and reputability. Both programs are accredited and have a good reputation among students and employers.

American Military University

AMU offers online undergraduate and graduate programs including Master’s degrees in history and military history. The tuition is quite affordable–totaling $275 per credit hour or $825 for a three-credit course. AMU accepts military tuition assistance, Federal student aid and outside scholarships so there are a number of ways to make this online history program work with your budget.

AMU caters to military students, but you do not need to be in the military to apply. Their self-paced classes begin every month and their professors are very accommodating for those with unusual schedules. It is no surprise then that AMU recently made it onto the list of the top 20 military-friendly colleges and universities.

Norwich University

Norwich University also offers an online Master’s degree in military history and like AMU, it caters to students in the military and other working professionals. Unlike AMU, which has start dates every month, Norwich University starts its classes only four times per year—March, June, September and December. In addition, Norwich University is significantly more expensive than AMU. Each credit hour at Norwich University will cost you $657, although financial aid is available. If cost is a very important factor for you, AMU may be the best choice. If not, take time to visit each program’s website and evaluate the classes they offer for their online history degree.

Whichever program you choose, obtaining an online history degree will help increase your job prospects and salary potential. A Master’s degree in history can also be very valuable if you choose to seek employment with the federal government.