Online Bachelor in Communication Degree: What Can You Expect?

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While considering communication degrees, read on to find answers about an online bachelor degree. Once you have learned about the degree, then it is recommended to continue reading through the series to explore colleges and universities for available programs, accreditation, cost, and to increase your potential earning power!

What Does this Online Bachelor’s Degree Offer?

Bachelor’s degree for any field acts as a gateway to the corporate world. In a business market environment where “cut throat competition” are the buzz words, it is necessary to obtain at least a bachelor level to receive one of the more reputable jobs. With the widespread Internet market, a Bachelor’s degree for online communication is among the best for employers who are looking to employ great talent.

What are the Courses Available?

Some of the common online courses that one may take are voice and articulation, non verbal communication, interpersonal communication, fundamentals of speech, visual communication, advertising, writing and editing, business speaking, reporting and so on. While these are common courses for Bachelor of Communication Arts online, other specialized communication degrees are also available.

Courses in Communication Degrees

Every course in the Bachelor’s program has the potential to lead you to a better tomorrow. The communication skills that you can obtain while earning your online Bachelor’s program for communications include:

  • Inter Personal Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

An online bachelor’s degree in communications will provide you with a wide range of career training through theoretical learning and active learning by means of case studies, role plays, videos and so on. The programs offered also allow you to choose your field of specialization in the three years of communications study making you an expert in your field. The career options below will allow you to use your knowledge of communication in practical situations in the corporate world.

Types of Careers with Communication Degrees

  • Technical Writer as an apt profile for a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication.
  • Advertiser and Promotion Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, or Public Relation Managers are the options available to a graduate of a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.
  • Human Resource Manager is an option for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication.
  • News Analyst, Media Researcher, or Media Writer are the career alternatives available to a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.
  • Communications Manager, Graphic Design Manager, Design Artist, Animations Executive, Copy-writing, Concept Designer, Video Analyzer, or Video Spokesperson are the career choices that a Bachelor in online visual communications can opt for.

Potential Earnings and Future Outlook

  • Public Relations Specialist: $43,830
  • Technical Writer: $53,490
  • News Analyst: $31,320
  • Employment growth for public relations specialist would be faster than the average growth rate for all occupations through 2014.
  • Growth rate for employment of technical writers would be at par with the average growth rate of employment for all occupations through 2014.
  • Special demand for writers would include sectors like economics, law and medicine.
  • Growth in employment as a news analyst would be at a slower pace compared to that of broadcasting and publishing.
  • Good opportunities for advertising and marketing would be in sectors like computer system designs and scientific systems.
  • Job outlook for a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree program in (online) communication arts is estimated to be faster than the national median for all occupations to 2014.

With a communications degree, you can expect personal and professional growth and a great future.