Review of Capella University's Online Master's Degree in Education

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Master’s in Education Degree Offerings

Capella offers a variety of specializations in the field of education including: Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Enrollment Management, Instructional Design for Online Learning, K-12 Studies in Education, Leadership in Educational Administration, Leadership for Higher Education, Postsecondary and Adult Education, Professional Studies in Education, Reading and Literacy, and Training and Performance Improvement.

As an elementary school teacher, I found particular interest in their K-12 Studies in Education. After clicking on the desired specialization off their website, you’ll find a very brief summary of the program. Below this paragraph you’ll see a box that has two tabs. The default tab they have shown is “Request Information.” Unfortunately, I think the layout is deceiving since many people may think they have to give CU their email and phone number just to get basic information. The other tab, “Program Overview,” however, will give you most of the information you are looking for.

As an educator, make sure to check with your state requirements for licensure. Most states have some sort of regulation of professional development in order to obtain or maintain a license. Make sure that Capella University is an accepted college. A call to the Department of Education for your state will easily give you the answer to this question. If possible, you might also want to speak to prospective employers to make sure that this university has the reputation that will serve you well when you graduate.


Like many online universities, Capella University isn’t clear on how much of your hard-earned money is really going to be spent on the whole program. The list the price for the K-12 Studies in Education as $405 per credit hour. With 48 credits for this program that means that a master’s degree in K-12 Studies in Education will cost you roughly $19,440. These fees are subject to change, so please check the web site for the most current tuition charges.

Other programs will vary in price and do not include tax, fees and books. Please speak with an academic advisor before deciding if the program of your choice is affordable for you.


Under the same tab “Program Overview,” you’ll find information on the courses required and how many electives you are allowed. Please check out this list to make sure that the courses are within your interest and useful for your current/future job.

In the K-12 Studies in Education program, they offer a variety of core courses (required courses) that range from “Foundations of Educational Leadership,” to “Classroom Management Strategies” to “Assessment and Improvement of Instruction.” In the specialization courses they offer courses such as “Research and Best Practices in Mathematics Instruction” and “Technology Skills for the Virtual School Teacher.”

In both the core courses and the specialization courses, there is an amazing variety of courses not always seen in many universities and colleges. In my undergraduate and graduate work at state colleges I never had the opportunity to take a course in classroom management. While I think this class may be better suited for a traditional, in-person classroom, I am so impressed with Capella for offering it. Too many teachers learn the hard way how to manage a classroom on their first day on the job. By then, it is extremely difficult to regain what you have lost.