An Online Associate Degrees in Communications!

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Completing an associates in communications degree online program can pave the way for innumerable career opportunities including; journalism, business communication, technical writing and visual communications to name a few. When it’s time to make a careful selection for starting your career, you may come across a communications degree as a suggestion from more than a few people. An associate degree in communications can be achieved from online distant learning programs offered by accredited colleges and universities.

Career Opportunities Using An Associate in Communications Degree

A professional with an associates in communications can find the doors of a number of industries and sectors open for him or her. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those earning an online communications degree at an associate level are employed by firms like newspapers, advertising agencies, graphic designing firms, television, radio and many more industrial setups. Obtaining this associate degree, will eventually lead you on a path toward even higher education and better career opportunities in the future.

Online Communications Programs: Some Options to Choose From

Some of the options for an online associate degree in communications include:

  • Associate Degree in Digital Communication
  • Associate Degree in Mass Communication
  • Associate Degree in Organizational Communication
  • Associate Degree in Business Communication
  • Associate Degree in Communication Arts
  • Associate Degree in Journalism
  • Associate Degree in Technical Communication

Important Aspects of An Online Associate in Communications Degree

  • An online associate degree in communications can be obtained from an accredited university, a community college, a junior college or a tech school, offering distant learning program.
  • It can be achieved within a two-year period.
  • Good for those desiring to learn basic communication skills; an online associate degree is helpful in day-to-day business following.
  • An associate in communications can further expand his or her career profile by leading them to a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Salaries and Earnings

As per US Department of Labor, having an associate communications degree can earn impressive salaries, on a scale that is continuously rising. For instance, a newspaper reporter can earn up to $30,070 per year, while a broadcast journalist can expect $36,980 per year as his salary after obtaining an associate degree in communications online. An associate can typically reach these types of salary levels after three years of relevant work experience in his or her area of specialization. The requirements of communication professionals are expected to increase in different areas of the field and thus, you can expect a continuous growth in this field in the future.

Choosing the Right Communications Degree Program

Here is a glimpse of the comparisons that you should focus on. For instance, try to find a university that offers an associate degree program as well as a bachelor’s degree program for communications. Not all universities do. Also try to find the real worth of the program that you select. You may be surprised to know that the cost of one university you choose may only be half as good as the other. So, you need to choose one for yourself based on the priority of factors like cost, reputation, job prospects, further studies in the same university, etc. Degree directories are a good option for comparison also.

In order to choose an appropriate communications degree program, you need to compare various options on the basis of factors like recognition and reputation of the online colleges and universities offering them, overall cost of the online program, placement benefits offered by the institute, accreditations and so on. For different programs of the recommended universities, Kaplan University, Westwood College Online, Webster University, University of Phoenix and DeVry University, visit the programs page for each.