Communication Degree Topics- What Can You Expect?

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Various Topics to Choose From

Move ahead and get started with your search on how to go about selecting an online degree in communications.

Communications is a vast field of study and it encompasses various significant fields. You can choose among the following options to opt for a better profession in the future:

  • Visual Communication: If you have a creative bent of mind and affinity toward web-based graphics and computer-based videos and animations, then it is the appropriate branch of communications for you.
  • Managerial Communication: The field is meant for preparing students for business challenges and innovative solutions for modern corporate setups.
  • Mass Communication: With mass communication, you can fulfill your dream of making a career as a journalist, a public relation officer or editor of a reputed publishing house.
  • Organizational Communication: If you dream to be a part of a big organization, then you can choose one of the options in organizational communication, which include management, human relations, counseling and so on.
  • Technical Communication: Also popular as technical writing, this field is an opposite choice for those desiring to become a technical writer, editor or industrial research reporter and so on.

How Does a Specialization in Communications Help?

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other options like business communication, network communication, health communication, digital communication and others, each having their own contributions toward successful careers.

Not just that, there is much more to it! You can have a specialization in any of the fields like human resources, conflict management, public relations and the like. These specializations assist you to proceed ahead in your career and reach the pinnacle of success with job opportunities as corporate communications officer, public relations expert, public information executive or a communications director. You may also choose to be a freelancer offering services like freelance writing, technical writing, freelance publicist or a communications lecturer, that is if you have real flair toward your subject.

Levels of Online Communication Degrees

  • Associate Degree in Communications: Equivalent to an undergraduate degree, an online associate degree in communications has much more convenient options for those looking for few semester hours (60 in general). The courses are general in nature and stress upon major and elective subjects like oral communications, composition, journalism and feature writing among others. You can obtain this degree in 2 years or 4 semesters.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications: If you have already completed the undergraduate program, you can move a step further in obtaining an online bachelor’s degree in communications. This 4 year degree program requires you to complete 120 credit hours. General education, elective courses and major courses like business, public relations, journalism, broadcast news and Internet communications are the areas of this degree program.
  • Master’s Degree in Communications: The possession of bachelor’s degree and relative work experience can make you eligible to opt for an online master’s degree in communication. The program duration may range between 1 and 4 years, on the basis of your pace and preference of completing the program. A master’s degree can make you capable of achieving heights in your career profile.

Way Ahead…

Additionally, know the benefits while choosing the online communications program from the variety of available specialization to make the most of your decision.

Make an informed decision! Happy Learning!