Earning an Online Power Plant Degree or Utility Degree From Bismarck State Is the Way to Go!

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Benefits of Degrees Online

Earning an associate degree online offers a flexible option for any individual, in particular non-traditional students. Instead of taking night classes after a long day of work to earn a higher education or searching for a college and traveling to one to receive an associate degree, students can work toward the degree around family and work responsibilities and are not limited to locality. Associate degrees online are on the rise. Perhaps the lag from colleges to offer distance education at the associate degree level was because college administrators were not aware that there may be an interest or need in earning an associate degree online. Today more and more state colleges, and online colleges are offering online degrees at the associate level.

The best part is when going to Bismarck, one will earn an accredited degree from a state college.

Bismarck and the Utility Industry

In 2007, Bismarck State College in North Dakota, was designated the National Power Plant and Operations Technology and Education Center. The college offers five online Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees and certification programs for those interested in working at entry-level occupations with energy. Often students will obtain an AAS or Certification in one of the following areas to advance their employment opportunities in the energy industry. Earned credit for life experience is available to those who qualify, making it an attractive option for those who already work in the field.

  • Electrical Power Technology
  • Electrical Transmissions Systems Technology
  • Nuclear Power Technology
  • Power Plant Technology
  • Process Plant Technology

Planning Ahead:

Those who choose to earn an Associate in Applied Science Diploma or Certificate in energy technology can work to receive an online Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management at the college. Students enrolled in the program will study for management and supervisory positions in the energy field. Bismarck has also provides a list of colleges that will accept transfer credit toward a Bachelor degree.

More Associate Degrees and Certificates at Bismarck

More Associate Degrees and Certification Programs offered online at Bismarck State College are:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Information Processing Specialist
  • Human Services
  • Eligibility Worker
  • Management
  • Web Page Development and Design

In addition, to receive thorough resources for getting started with a distance education, tuition, and fees, visit the college for more detail. Bismarck College may not be as well known to some as other online colleges, but offers a wealth of information and several online associate degrees for promising futures. The college offers detailed public information on their website for course content and curriculum guides via PDF files, which is also rare to find.