PhD in Clinical Psychology: Online Doctorate Degrees Accredited by the APA at Fielding Graduate Institute

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Fielding Clinical Psychology

In our previous article we looked at two schools which offer online psychology degrees at the doctoral level. Neither of these colleges or their programs were accredited by the American Psychological Association, though. Are any online doctorate degree programs accredited by the APA?

Fielding Graduate University’s PhD Program in Clinical Psychology is the only online doctoral program accredited by the APA. Fielding is also accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The PhD in Clinical Psychology includes 136 semester credits. Average length of time for a learner who is also balancing family and work is 4-6 years. Fielding policy states that the degree is expected to be finished within 10 years.

Students in the online clinical psychology program meet twice a year in different parts of the country for residency requirements and seminars. The students also meet for local “cluster” meeting in their own area. These meeting consist of a local teacher and other students studying clinical psychology in Fielding.

The PhD in Clinical Psychology requires not only residency but also practicum hours and internship hours. As with most online programs it also states no guarantee for licensure in your own state.

Concentrations & Costs

Fielding not only offers a PhD in clinical psychology but also offers:

  • PhD in Media Psychology

Optional Concentrations:

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Neuropsycology
  • Parent-Infant Mental Health
  • Violence Prevention & Control

Cost of tuition for the doctoral program is $14,241 a year.

Is the money worth it for the accreditation? Is APA accreditation necessary? Depending on where you want to work and especially what state you live in this question will fluctuate from yes to no. In certain colleges professors must hold PhD’s from APA accredited programs while in other school it may be preferred but not necessary. This holds true for various states as well.

Before starting any program students must understand their own professional and educational goals as well as state licensure requirements. If your state requires APA accreditation and online is the only way to go, Fielding may be for you!

APA Accreditation

Currently, Fielding University is the only online PhD in psychology that is accredited by the APA.


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