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Long ago you had to actually get up, get dressed, and leave your house to attend school. Lately more people are getting up, grabbing a cup of coffee, and sitting in front of the computer in their pajamas…to attend school. Not only can you attain undergraduate degrees online but you can also receive your doctorate degree online as well. Here we will discuss several popular universities offering online doctorate degrees in psychology.

Capella University was established in 1991 and is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). Capella offers a variety of online doctorates in psychology including:

  • Clinical Psychology (PsyD): cost- $64,670 ($446 per credit/145 credits)
  • Educational Psychology (PhD): cost- $53,520 ($446 per credit/120 credits)
  • General Psychology (PhD): cost- $53,520 ($446 per credit/120 credits)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PhD): cost- $53,520 ($446 per credit/120 credits)

All doctorates are earned from Capella’s “Harold Abel School of Psychology”, named after the university’s founding president. All classes are taken online and there are residency requirements which vary with each program. The times vary from several weekends to several weeks during year in residency depending on the program of choice.

Clinical Psychology is the only doctorate which requires 1,000 hours in practicum and 2,000 hours in pre-doctoral internship. While Capella does not guarantee licensure in your state, it prepares the doctoral learner for licensure and asks that students check their state licensure requirements against Capella’s program. Financial aid is available through federal loans, non-federal loans, scholarships, and grants. Most programs accept transfer credits from nationally and regionally accredited schools. The prospective learner would have to contact the school to have credits evaluated. The programs are created using APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines, but they are not APA accredited.

Union Institute

Union Institute offers an online Psy.D. with a concentration in clinical psychology. There is also an option to have an additional “emphasis” of family psychology added to the degree. Students earn their doctorate through online classes and also meet for residency requirements. Students meet twice a year for three years at their cohorts where they will gather with fellow learners. This take place in either Ohio or Vermont.

  • Cost: $99,944 ($806 per credit /124 credits)

The doctoral programs requires 3 full years of study including 124 credits with the option to transfer over up to 12 credits of equivalent work(Bachelor’s) or option to start with advanced standing if you have already attained a master’s degree. Transfer of credit or advanced standing enables students to finish coursework in less time. The program also requires 1,200 hours in practicum and 2,000 hours in clinical internship. As with most online program it does not guarantee licensure and recommends checking with your state requirements.

Union Institute & University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. While the program was created using APA guidelines, it is not APA accredited.

So, are there any online doctoral programs accredited by APA? In our next article we will learn more about APA accredited programs online.

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