Courses to Learn Classical Vocal Music Online

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Classical Music for Voice

Classical music has many different definitions, but most consider the term to represent the period of music from 1550 a.d. to 1900 a.d. This would include the works of famous artists such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Some might argue that classical music does not include that which is written for voice. Often times, people may recognize music from these artists as strictly instrumental. However, classical music is not only that of symphonies and chamber pieces, but of many other song forms such as operas, arias, hymns, cantatas, etc. Such famous vocal pieces include Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute, as well as Beethoven’s Ah perfido!

With that in mind, I’ll provide a recommended list of courses to learn classical vocal music online.

Kansas City Vocal Institute

At only $3.00 per lesson, students send in a video of themselves singing and the instructor provides feedback and a personalized lesson plan. Teachers of KC Vocal Institute can instruct on many genres of music including opera, musical theatre, and many more. Most of these teachers hold Masters degrees. Live classes are available for students in the Kansas City area; but with the online availability, KC Vocal Institute makes learning classical vocal music online an easy and affordable solution.


The content on Vocalist is free of charge. The courses include audio practice lessons as well as video samples and references on all areas involved with vocal instruction. The program provides lessons about the basics of posture, breathing, and ear training. To make it fun while learning, the course even includes streaming karaoke with many songs known by the mainstream.

Some of the courses on the Vocalist website are from the BBC and Suzy Digby. In these videos, singers receive lessons as if they were in the classroom with Suzy. As with many of the other videos and tutorials, training on breathing and posture is emphasized. A combination of styles, instructors, video, and audio training provides for a well-rounded experience.

My Singer Cybergate

This program is different because it specifically has software to download and track your progress. Courses are available to purchase individually based on the singer’s needs. There is a 2 hour free trial; which provides 2 hours of instruction free. The software requires Adobe Air; which is also a free software program available for download with a link directly from the My Singer Cybergate website.

The courses available through the My Singer Cybergate software, beyond the free 2 hour trial, are customizable to each vocalist’s needs. Once the initial free courses are taken, singers are able to peruse the courses listed within the software, select the ones they would like to take and purchase them individually. These courses provide for an enhanced learning for those vocalists beyond the beginner level. The course prices are anywhere from $3.95 to $29.95 each.


While there are many resources online for learning classical vocal music, these are just a few offering some good introductory courses that are free or of very little cost for singers who are interested in getting started. Use these online vocal music courses to help you begin or continue in your classical vocal music education.