Master Degree Adult Learning Online: Guide for Students

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Master Degree Adult Learning Online

Adult learners have different needs and issues than traditional students, and earning a master degree in adult learning online will put students in a position to educate adults effectively and efficiently. Adult educators may work in a variety of environments as teachers and trainers. Students may also go to work in designing education programs.

Required Courses

A variety of courses are necessary to successfully complete this degree. While all schools will differ in some way, here is a sample of what students should expect:

  • Adult learning theory
  • Methods of instruction
  • Learning transfer
  • Instructional design
  • Learning technologies
  • Program assessment
  • Adult teaching and learning
  • Research and evaluation in adult education
  • Program planning in adult education
  • Social issues or historical issues in adult education
  • Distance education
  • Implementing and planning an adult education program
  • Student learning styles
  • Adult education in social context
  • Strategies to engage or motivate adult learners
  • Adult education administration

Average Completion Time

While each program varies, most master’s degree programs take about two to four years to complete. Whether a student attends full-time or part-time makes a difference in completion time with full-time students usually finishing faster.

Top Online Schools

Colorado State University offers this degree. Students can choose the thesis option of the final project option. Both require students to complete thirty-three hours of academic coursework, twenty-four of which must come from this university. Students must already have an accredited bachelor’s degree to be admitted and pay a $50 application fee. Students will pay $455 per credit, and other fees such as a $20 technology fee may be assessed.

Penn State also offers this degree online. This program also requires students to complete thirty-three hours of academic coursework. Students must already have an accredited bachelor’s degree to be admitted and pay a $65 application fee. Students taking less than twelve credits each semester will pay $682 per credit. Those taking more than twelve credits each semester will pay a flat fee of $8,812.

Possible Careers

There are a variety of possible careers for those who possess this degree. Students may go on to teach at the college level; become a training consultant, a corporate trainer, develop adult education programs; or become a teacher in teaching foreign language classes to adults, remedial classes, adult literacy, government classes, or other types of classes and training for adults.

Career Outlook and Salary

The career opportunities for adult educators, particularly those in remedial education and adult literacy, are expected to grow faster than average. This increase is expected due to having to fill the positions of those retiring or leaving the occupation. Between now and 2018, employment opportunities are expected to increase by fifteen percent. The average salary for adult educators is about $37,419 in the United States. Post-secondary teachers earn an average of $56,120 per year. Full-time teachers also often get benefits such as health insurance.

Benefits of Getting this Degree Online

There are many benefits in earning a master degree adult learning online. Many students find the online learning environment less intimidating than a traditional classroom environment. Students will learn more about using computers, technology, and research. Students can study and virtually attend their classes seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Students have more opportunities to interact with their instructor and are able to talk to them more often because there is no standard class time. Every student gets a chance to contribute to the class. Students are not chained to a strict class schedule.