Online Space Degrees: The Most Popular Programs

Online Space Degrees: The Most Popular Programs
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The dream for many students who have been brought up on a diet of futuristic science is to make a career in this exciting life

adventure. However, where do you begin and what are your options regarding online space degrees? The areas of study are so diverse and can range from space stations, satellites and space-craft operations, to astronomy, space exploration, and beyond.

Things to Consider

There are a variety of online space degrees available from many sources, and, therefore, you will be forced to spend time in research. While this may prove a somewhat arduous task, it will prove valuable in determining your best and most economic choice. Some questions you may consider will naturally be related to the programs offered such as what fees are charged for application and what technologies are provided.

Affordability is a natural part of any student’s criteria, and it is worth your researching different schools and obtaining comparisons regarding cost. Are undergraduates seeking degrees charged for their books, and are Federal Student Aid and Military Tuition Assistance benefits accepted?

Additional things to keep in the forefront of your mind are whether the school is an accredited organization and if it provides program and learning quality with online support.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

One example of high quality and recognized online space degrees is the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. They are seen

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as one of the leading aerospace learning institutions in the United States with additional opportunities offered in respect to undergraduate degrees in space physics and graduate degrees in space science. This latter curriculum at the Daytona Beach Campus includes the conceiving and designing of complex space systems.

American Public University

More original space studies programs that provide the foundation and knowledge for students that will be required for their success in a variety of space related careers are available at the American Public University. These will include occupations within NASA, the United States intelligence field, military and educational fields.

University of Kent

The University of Kent in the United Kingdom offers an innovative program for international online students who are seeking education

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opportunities for online space degrees. They become involved with actual space missions conducted by ESA and NAS, as well as being able to work with data and images from sophisticated equipment which includes the Hubble Telescope.

They also provide an international exchange program, giving a student the opportunity (in their third year of degree study) to visit the United States at a partner university. Adding to this, there are trips organized by their Student Society to events such as virtual observation in Hawaii. Imagine, how exciting it is to remotely control a telescope on the other side of the world?!


There are many students who are returning to the learning process via the internet option of online learning. Some wish to obtain a first or second degree and others have discovered new careers or require more specialized knowledge. Among those there are people who wish to learn about space, possessing an insatiable curiosity to know what is beyond our own insulated planet. Fortunately, there are many online space degrees available!


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