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Health care law has been growing at an increasing rate in recent years. Both lawyers and non-lawyers work to combat the ever-rising costs of health care, traditional malpractice claims, and ethically ambiguous research studies. A Master of science in health care law online prepares students to increase their understanding of health law policies and issues. This is not a legal degree, but it does provide students with solid information concerning health policy and law.

Required Courses

Students must take a variety of courses to complete this degree. Courses will be on topics, such as medical and health care practice, health care organizations, bioethics, health care law and policies, and health law and policy. Students may also delve deeper into medical ethics, patient rights, and administration.

Average Completion Time

It takes about two to four years to complete a Master’s degree in general. Full-time students often earn their degree faster than part-time students. In general, the school chosen will determine the exact length of time it takes to complete the degree.

Top Online Schools

Nova Southeastern University offers a Master of science in health care law online. Students looking to get into this program must have an accredited Bachelor’s degree. Students will pay $575 per course credit. Other fees may apply and students must also purchase all necessary textbooks and other supplies.

Creighton University offers a Master of science in health care ethics and students can concentrate in health care law. Students attending full-time will pay $10,822 per semester, a $202 technology fee per semester, and $474 university fee per semester. Books and supplies are also mandatory expenses. Students can apply for financial aid.

Possible Careers

A Master’s degree in this field opens up doors to a variety of career choices. Students may find employment in corporate compliance, health care technology, health care mediation, risk management, quality assurance, hospital health law administration, health care law lobbying, or health law policy making or legislating. Those with a degree in this field may find themselves themselves working in hospitals, for pharmaceutical companies, with law firms, or in other medical and health-related facilities.

Career Outlook and Salary

Employment in this field is expected to grow at a rate that is about average compared to other industries and career fields. With the health care field always evolving, the need for those with great knowledge of health care law, is always there. On average, those in this field earn an average of $102,470 per year. Those with more experience, highest level of education, living in specific geographic regions, etc. will earn more on average.

Benefits of Earning this Degree Online

In addition to convenience, earning this degree online allows students to choose where they study as well. They can study while watching TV in their living room, from the local coffee shop, or while they are at their child’s soccer practice. Students choose where and when they study, allowing them to not have to make too many sacrifices.


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