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Earning an online Master of science in biotechnology gives students the knowledge they need for a career in this field. Biotechnologists focus on both the technology and biological processes used when researching the development of pharmaceutical products and genetics. Most programs in this field are geared towards academic instructors or practicing scientists who are looking to increase their knowledge of biotechnology.

Required Courses

Students must successfully complete a variety of courses on a variety of subjects to earn this degree. Such courses may include human molecular genetics, neurobiology, microbiology, vaccinology, cancer biology, economic change and dynamics in biotechnology, emerging issues in biotechnology, bioscience for regulatory affairs, product development, parasitology, agricultural biotechnology, clinical and molecular diagnostics, and managing biotechnology professionals.

Average Completion Time

The average Master’s degree takes two to four years to complete. Those attending school part-time generally take longer than those attending school full-time. The school a student chooses will dictate the time it takes, overall.

Top Online Schools

Johns Hopkins University offers an online Master of science in biotechnology. This is a part-time degree geared towards working professionals. Students pursuing this degree may also choose one of the following concentrations: biodefense, biotechnology enterprise, molecular targets and drug discovery technologies, bioinformatics, and regulatory affairs. Students must already possess a Bachelor’s degree and have taken the GRE to apply. An application fee of $75 is also required. Students will pay $2,875 per course. A $150 technology fee and the cost of books and supplies is also required.

The University of Maryland University College offers this degree. Students must complete a total of 36 credits. There is an option where students can pursue a dual degree: Master of science in biotechnology/Master of business administration. Students must already possess a Bachelor’s degree and those who have never taken a molecular biology class will have to take one for this degree. Students living in Maryland will pay $445 per credit and those living outside of Maryland will pay $659 per credit. Those who choose the dual degree will pay $694 per credit for their MBA. Books, supplies, and other possible fees will also need to be paid.

Possible Careers

Once a student has completed this degree, there are a variety of employment opportunities he or she can pursue. Many find employment in laboratories, while others go into marketing, manufacturing, sales, development, and quality control. Possible careers include laboratory technician, head vector, environmental biotechnologist, biotechnology research associate, professor of biochemistry, and chief scientific officer.

Career Outlook and Salary

Career opportunities in this field are expected to grow at a rate that is considered must faster than average. This means that those with advanced degrees will have plenty of employment opportunities to choose from. Between 2008 and 2018, employment is expected to grow by about 21 percent. Those in this field can earn a broad range of salaries depending on their job title and education. Salaries range from as low as $33,254 to $139,440 per year.

Benefits of Earning this Degree Online

Earning this degree online allows students to work at their own pace. They can continue to live their current lives while earning their Master’s degree in this field at the same time. Students can study whenever is convenient for them, including on weekends, during the evening, and during breaks at their current job.


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