• Earth Day Activities

    Try some of these practical every day Earth Day activities to teach your students about Earth Day and recycling.
    By Kathy Foust May 1, 2010 

  • Why a parabola has a perfect focus? - A Geometric proof

    The normal algebraic approach of proving that parabolas are perfectly focusing mirrors is quite cumbersome. This article will show you that it is also unnecessary with an elegant geometric proof of the same.
    By informationishere April 18, 2010 

  • Fun Science Experiment: How Do Enzymes Work?

    A science experiment that demonstrates how enzymes contained in pineapple and liquid detergent work in turning a semi-solid gelatin product into its liquid form. In this experiment, students will be able to learn how enzymes work.
    By J.Sace February 13, 2010 

  • Send Your Students to Space with LEGO Mindstorms Projects

    Scientists might be using these robots to collect data in space, but LEGO Mindstorms are first and foremost a great educational tool in all kinds of classrooms, from preschool to high school physics.
    By Casey September 28, 2009 

  • Creating A Bond With Nature - Making a Nature Journal

    In the past articles, I had written about creating lessons about nature, this is a supplement: making a nature journal.
    By bcronin September 26, 2009 

  • Making Scientific Tools: Activity for Elementary Students

    Scientific tools don't have to be expensive to be impressive. This activity involves students making elementary science tools from every day objects found laying around the house or classroom.
    By Kathy Foust August 31, 2009 

  • Student Expectations and Science

    Students will enjoy this experience even as they challenge themselves to make an effort towards change. Use this lesson plan as an introductory lesson plan to teach students how to create a science experiment.
    By Kathy Foust August 24, 2009 

  • Elementary Physics Lesson Plan: Performing an Experiment in Matter and Energy

    Use this lesson plan to help your students create an experiment in matter and energy. Students will enjoy this as they use their own creativity and ineterests to create a fun and interesting science experiment.
    By Kathy Foust August 3, 2009 

  • Creating Science Journals in the Classroom: Observe and Record

    A science journal is a handy tool for any student who plans to do science experiments on their own. This guide provides an easy way to create a scientific journal that students can use over and over again.
    By Kathy Foust August 3, 2009 

  • Lesson on Disability Awareness: What Can Our Bodies Do?

    By becoming aware of how our own bodies work, we can become more sensitive to disabled individuals with physical limitations.
    By Marlene Gundlach July 31, 2009 
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