Science in K-12 Education

Teaching science in creative ways can be difficult. Find interesting experiments such as how to make your own rainbow, make candy, or educate your children on Nature Deficiency Disorder. Students can enjoy a variety of lesson plans from our experts in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Fields. All our writers are seasoned teachers in the educational field. Come here to find the ultimate K-12 Teacher's Lounge!

Chemistry Experiments with Carbonation

Chemistry experiments can be lots of fun to do with kids. Especially when they get to transform themselves into a foaming at the mouth creature using carbonation! Try this inexpensive experiment to show your students how fun learning can be!

Animal Science Projects Using Non Fiction Science Books

For some, animal science projects are an easy option when it comes to teaching science in elementary school. But with a few good non fiction science books in hand, inquiry learning through an animal science project can reach a whole new level. Check out this new book!

Asteroid Lesson Plan

Exploring what asteroids are is a lot more interesting when you can see the impact that they have directly on you. This is the idea behind this asteroid lesson plan using the Torino Scale.

Digestive System-Cool Facts (Part-1)

Our digestive system starts from the mouth, passes down, the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, the large intestine which ends in the rectum and the anal canal. Some facts about your own digestive system are given in this article.

Genus Lesson Plan

Use this biology lesson plan to develop students’ understanding of scientific classification, specifically genus classification.

Practicing Inference Skills

Having the ability to make inferences in science is a valuable skill. This science activity, geared toward middle school and junior high, will give students practice with the skill of inference.