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  • Three Autumn Math Activities in the Classroom

    The leaves are red, orange and yellow, and your students seem far more interested in them than in your math class. Why not connect the season to what they’re learning? These three activities are the perfect way to build both fun and learning...
    By Keren Perles November 11, 2009 

  • Mathematics Activities for the Second Grade Classroom

    Second graders often struggle with math. As a teacher, making math fun can be a challenge. These second grade math activities will both teach your students important math concepts and help them actually enjoy learning!
    By Keren Perles October 26, 2009 

  • Simple and Fun Math Activities for Kids

    Use these math activities for kids to keep your students in the learning mode even as they are having fun! Teaching is so much more rewarding when students don't realize they are being taught!
    By Kathy Foust October 16, 2009 

  • Practice with Roman Numerals

    Use this lesson plan to help students make their own list of Roman numerals. This lesson will assess and challenge your students' knowledge of Roman numerals.
    By Kathy Foust October 3, 2009 

  • Convert a Roman Numeral

    Roman numerals involve math just to read the numeral. That's why students must learn to convert Roman numerals one at a time before tackling the actual reading of them. Use this lesson plan to teach your students to do just that.
    By Kathy Foust August 29, 2009 

  • Plan an Event

    Budget lesson plans need to teach students about managing their own finances as well as being able to manage larger finances, such as for specific events. Use this fun lesson plan to teach students how to create and manage an event budget. Their reward...
    By Kathy Foust July 29, 2009 

  • Your Money, Your Community

    Use this budget lesson plan to let students see how tax dollars are spent. Students will enjoy the debating aspect of this lesson plan as they try to determine how the community could be better served.
    By Kathy Foust July 25, 2009 

  • What You Should Know About ACT Math Tests

    ACT math tests are very predictable. You can increase your chances of doing well by studying of course, but it also helps to know as much as possible about the test's format and content.
    By Linda Hinkle January 30, 2009 

  • "Flipped: Gun Control" A Video Review for Educators

    The "Flipped: Gun Control" video by Discovery Education helps teach students the consequences of inappropriate use of guns.
    By goldwriter December 29, 2008 

  • Ask Parents about the Math They Use

    When parents express concern about the state of math learning, consider asking them about the math they use everyday. That can open the way to an important conversation.
    By ThomasTrzyna December 21, 2008 
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