Animal Science Projects Using Non Fiction Science Books

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Astonishing Animals - the book

Astonishing Animals is a non fiction science book written by Tim Flannery, an acclaimed Australian science researcher and writer. Illustrations are by Peter Schouten, a freelance wildlife and technical illustrator whose work has been enjoyed in many countries. The two combine in ‘Astonishing Animals’ to provide an insightful and catptivating glimpse at some of the rare, unusual and downright incredible animal species around the world.

Each page contains detailed information about an animal along with a stunning and highly detailed drawing by Peter. In all, there are ninety seven separate creatures shown within the book, covering all manner of different habitat types and locations. This is not a book about the commonly known animals of the world. In fact, many of the animals described within its pages you are unlikely to have heard of before. They have each evolved along unique and unusual pathways to become a fascinating part of the natural world. And you will certainly remember all about them once you have read ‘Astonishing Animals’. In fact, the evolutionary pathways described within this book could lead you down another fascinating pathway as you explore the concept of Darwin’s theory of evolution as part of your animal science project.

Teachers and students alike will be highly motivated to use this book to research animal science projects in the library or classroom.

Astonishing Animals is published by Text Publishing in Australia. The book was the winner of the 2005 Premier’s Literary Award in Australia.

Value for Money (5 out of 5)

Good quality science books that can be used over an extended period of time and combine quality visual images and text are often expensive. Surprisingly, ‘Astonishing Animals’ represents extremely good value for money. It is a lengthy and large book, with over 200 pages of comprehensive and detailed information and an extensive index. It sells for a recommended retail price of AUD $50.00

ISBN is 1920885218

Quality (5 out of 5)

This book also ticks the ‘quality’ box most comprehensively. The depth of research which has gone into compiling its pages is obvious, and the glossy pages and careful presentation make it an easy to read and love book. Teachers will find children show this book enormous respect, as they often will with objects that hold a special, intrinsic beauty. Visual learners will find instant appeal in the illustrations, and many enjoy extending their learning with study on botanical drawing and artwork alongside their regular science curriculum.

Where’s the Science in the Book?

From a science teaching ponit of view, this book is great for:

teaching about scientific and common names

understanding the wide variation in animal structure and functioning

appreciating the range of habitats and locations in which animal species live

providing high quality, strongly research based factual information about rare, endangered and unusual animals

satisfying the natural curiosity of teenage learners in relation to the natural world

answering all those curly questions that teens love to throw at science teachers to see if they really know their stuff - with this book, yes you will!

providing a useful research tool about animals

providing content which will appeal to highly visual learners - a group often left behind in science as they get older