Teaching Sight Words for Kindergarten: Review of SightwordswithSamson.com

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Sight Words With Samson

SightwordswithSamson.com is a wonderful website which includes educational resources for young children learning how to read. The main goal of the site is to teach sight words for kindergarten students up to third grade.These sight words are also known as “Dolch” words, which was compiled by Edward William Dolch, PhD in 1948. This list contains 220 high frequency words. Many teachers use word walls, writing, and even index cards to help teach sight words. In this age of technological advances, what better way to teach your students these high frequency words than with the help of a computer?

Education Games & Resources (5 out of 5)

This site provides educational games for children to learn sight words. These games include four different levels ranging from easy to difficult. Levels one and two are on the easy end while levels three and four are more difficult. Children learn the words in an entertaining and interactive setting. Members also receive worksheets, flashcards, activity plans, and statistical tracking. The students are also given a scoreboard which helps them to note goals and even watch scores in real time after playing educational games.

Benefits For Teachers (5 out of 5)

The benefits for teachers include:

  • Readily available worksheets cuts preparation time.
  • Readily available lessons cuts preparation time.
  • Teachers can screen progress of students.
  • All work done by students is assessed immediately for review.
  • Students are eligible not only to use the program in the classroom but anywhere they can log onto a computer including home or the library.
  • Teacher is given personal accounts for each student to login under his or her known name.
  • User accounts can be transferred which means if you renew your classroom membership , your new students will then take on new personal usernames in place of the last batch of students.

Membership Plans (5 out of 5)

There are three types of membership plans which include Home Plan, Teacher and Classroom Plan, and Custom Made Plan. The Home Plan would be suitable for a homeschooling family or parent who wants their child to obtain additional studies. The price for Home Plan is $30.00 for one year.

The Teacher and Classroom Plan is best suited for teachers who want to provide their students with additional resources as well as attain benefits for themselves such as additional worksheets, resources, and assessments. You would get unlimited access to the website for only $80.00 a year. This would include up to 30 additional user names for students within your classroom.

A Custom Plan may be used if the other two options do not suit your needs. Custom Plans are usually needed for principles who want to buy a plan for their entire school. Pricing Options for this plan can be obtained from the website.

Try It Out (5 out of 5)

Sight Words With Samson also provides free demonstration material. This means you can try it for free! During the demo you can play various games at different levels. You are only given twenty-four of the two hundred and twenty-four words. Also, you are not given full access to the resource center. After trying it out myself, I was amazed at how fun and educational the games were. I decided to let me five year old daughter have a try. After a few days of her trying out the program, she begged me to order the Home Plan so she could obtain full access to the site. What a great way to teach sight words for kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students!