A Review of Childrens Science Website, 60 Second Science for Homeschooling Parents or Teachers

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Children’s Science Website: 60 Second Science

60SecondScience.org is a very simple website that is easy to navigate. The idea behind the website is to provide home educators and parents with easy to use science activities. All of the activities that are found on the website can be done using items and ingredients that most parents already have around the home. This way all families can explore science without having to worry about spending money on complicated experiments.

As a homeschooling mom what I like about this site is that it provides some fun supplements to the lessons in my daughters science book. For example, my daughter just got finished with a chapter on magnets. 60secondscience.org has an activity called “Fun with Magnets” that got my daughter putting what she learned to the test. She enjoyed it because even though she wasn’t super excited about magnets, the activity included using paint which she loves.

The activities on this site were once broadcast on their partnering station in 60 second segments which is how the website got its name. The website itself doesn’t have these broadcasts, but all the instructions are listed as well as questions you should as your students while doing the activity. There is a section called “Red Flag” that is kind of a warning you should look over before you begin the activity. Vocabulary words are also listed on some of the activities.

The only problem I have with this site is that there are only twenty-four activities to do under six topics. The site was copyrighted in 2003 so I can’t figure out why more activities haven’t been added. The activities that are provided are all good, but there isn’t enough material here to keep homeschooling parents coming back. In addition, when you click on “Regional Events” the only event listed there is for an event that occurred in September of 2007. This leads me to believe that this site is not updated on a regular basis.

Finally, I give this site half of a thumbs up because the activities it has are good, there are just too few of them.

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