Autumn Handprint Wreath: A Kindergarten Art Project

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1 paper plate for each child

variety of colored construction paper

glue sticks

6 inch piece of yarn (1 piece for each child)


cereal boxes

1. Cut cereal box cardboard into large squares. Trace each child’s handprints onto the cardboard and use as a template for this project.

2. Trace handprints onto the various colors of construcion paper.

3. After handprints are traced and cut out, instruct the children to adhere the handprints around the paper plate.

4. When child has completed their wreath project, instruct them to make a loop with the piece of yarn. Tape it securely to the back of the wreath. This will serve as the wreath’s hanger.

Note: Prior to class time, cut out the center of each paper plate. Depending on the scissor skills of your class, it may be neccesary for you to pre-cut the handprints as well.

If you pre-cut handprints, keep each child’s set separated by using sandwich baggies.