Preparing for the First Day of School

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Save Yourself Time

The more you do now while you actually have time, the less you will have to do once the school year begins. The start of the school year can be quite overwhelming and extremely hectic. If you accomplish some first day preparations now, you will have more time to deal with those unexpected issues that arise once school begins. The ultimate goal is that you can prepare now for the first day, get those preparations out of the way, and focus on teaching, which should be your number one goal. The more you are able to focus on teaching, the greater the benefit is to your students.

A Helpful List

Here is a list of items that you will have to accomplish before school begins:

1. Obtain the names of the students who will be in your class. If this information is not posted online or will not be posted online until the last minute, ask a counselor or an administrator to print this information.

2. Create your seating chart. In fact, you should have one seating chart for each one of your classes.

3. Decorate your class room. Make it pretty, age appropriate, and comfortable for your students.

4. Plan. Write your lesson plans. It is great to plan for the entire first month. Doing so will allow you to get your classes run smoothly, and you will know in which direction your classes are heading.

5. Introduce yourself to the new principals, counselors, teachers, school personnel, etc.

6. Make copies of those documents that you know you will need, including student date forms, parent letters, rules, policies, procedures, etc.

7. Stock up on supplies, printer cateridges, dry erase markers, paper, etc.

8. Schedule time in the library and in computer labs.

9. Make sure that you have all of your textbooks.

10. If you are new to the school, make sure that you find your way around. If you do not know your way around, it will be difficult to help your students find their way around. Many students will ask you where a certain building is located, so you will need know where each building is located.