Part time career opportunities: software trainer

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Who is Eligible to Become a Software Trainer?

Anybody can become a successful software trainer provided he or she has two skills: passion towards teaching and a good understanding of the software in his field. A person need not be a genius to become a software trainer, but should have the capability to simplify technical concepts and present them in an easily understandable manner.

Part time software trainers need to manage their time well so that they can give full attention to their full time job, and be able to prepare presentations for the part time software trainer job. If new to teaching, the trainer’s comfort level during actual training sessions is directly proportional with time spent in preparation for the training. Gaining practical work experience will give trainers additional confidence.


There are no limitations, but there is higher demand for some of the latest technologies. In the computer programming field, Microsoft technologies (like dot net etc.), C,C++, Java, HTML, XML, and software testing tools are a good technologies for part time software trainers. Mechanical design and analysis software like Pro engineer, AutoCAD, catia, ansys, hypermesh etc. are also feasible technologies for part time software trainers. Similarly, in the electronics field, embedded technologies have lots of scope for software trainer.

Where to Start

You may start from your neighborhood computer institute. Ensure they have the proper soft and hard infrastructures. Another important thing is their software licenses; please ensure that the institute is not using any pirated software.

Another way to start your part time software trainer career is to start your own home institute with freeware. Most of the licensed softwares are costly so if you are an expert in some freeware it will be easy for you to start your own home institute.

There is one more way: go online, find some site like or, etc. and start from there.

Software trainer is an exciting part time career option for all who deal with any software in a day to day career and who has a passion for teaching. Some of the technologies that use part time software trainers are: Microsoft technologies, java, C,C++, pro engineer, catia, ansys, AutoCAD etc. Finding a software institute nearby your house is the best option to start other wise you can start your own institute or go online.