Nature Journal Lesson Plans

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Making Nature Journal Pages

Page 1:


  1. What are the first 3-5 things you noticed about your site?

  2. Name 3 things you heard when you closed your eyes? (birds, frogs, fly buzzing, dog, etc.)

  3. Close your eyes again, take a deep sniff or two. What do you smell? Write down at least 2 smells, describe them and take a guess of what they are.

  4. Using your hands, find something in your spot that is warm to the touch? Cold? What is it?

  1. Using your eyes, find 3 creatures in your special spot. (bird, fish, ant, squirrel) Choose one and draw a sketch of it.

  2. On the back of this page make a map of your special place. Include yourself, the sounds you heard, the creatures you saw, the smells and where you think they came from, the warm places, the cold places.

  3. Give your spot a name.

Page 2:

What else did you notice?

Page 3:

The 3 questions I have about my special spot are:

Page 4:

Updates on my special spot:

Page 5:

Circle of Life

Create a page with a sunshine or other ‘earth’ symbol in the middle/top. Add eleven circles to your page extending down in a sort of oval. Make the circles large enough for a single word to be written in them. Have dotted lines connecting the ‘earth’ symbol to the circles.

Page 6:

Changes at my special spot/ updates on my special spot:

Page 7:


You’re invited to explore:

________________________________________ (name of spot)

Your guide is:

_________________________________________(student name)

Page 8:

Observations at my partner’s spot:

  1. What are 3 things you first noticed at your partners spot?

  2. Close your eyes. What 3 things do you hear?

  3. Close your eyes. What 2 smells do you notice?

  1. Look around. What 3 creatures do you see in your partner’s spot?