Classroom Groups-Importance of Classroom Groups

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Group interaction

The behavior and personality characteristics of individual members of a group affect the behavior of others and cast a significant impact over the functioning of the groups as a whole. The individual’s influence on the group or on its members depends on his status, strengths and weaknesses. The leader of the group exerts a great impact on the group members, and behavior of the group is molded by him. Students, teachers or heads of institution as an individual member may bring a lot of change in the group life of the school. Thus the process of interrelations and associations within the group and between and among the different groups is taken as group interaction and consequently includes: 1) The influence or impact of the group on individual members; 2) The influence or impact of individual members on other members or on the groups as a whole; 3) The mutual influence or impact of one group over the other.

Importance of classroom as a group

The classroom as a group is important in many ways:

  • In a classroom group the students come into contact with each other and acquire the appropriate type of education.

  • Some sort of exchange of thoughts goes on in the class group through which intellectual activities like reasoning, memory, judgment, decision, thinking and imagination develop.

  • The students in a classroom group remain in close contact with each other. Therefore so much love, good will and sympathy develop in them that in the time of need they do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others.

  • Children in the classroom group live together and try to adjust their thoughts, habits and viewpoints to others. Such a type of experience prepares them for future social life.

  • A student starts doing as other students do.

  • Students in classroom groups plan or organize a number of co-curricular activities.

  • In a classroom group, students learn the habits of competition and imitation and get an inspiration to acquire more knowledge.

  • The teacher encourages all the members of a classroom group to work together and thus a feeling of co-operation is developed in them.