Writing a Book Review: How to Write a Book Review

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Tips on How to Write a Book Review

A book review is an analysis about the material of the book, its quality, and its meaning and significance. A good review is one that persuades the audience to read the book or to avoid it.

There is no hard and fast rule for writing a book review. Learning how to write a book review, however, can be made easier by following some simple strategies.

  1. Before writing a book review select a good book. Read it with full concentration. Focus on the main idea and overall theme of the book. List the important points the author makes.
  2. After noting important points, arrange them in a logical order. This will help you formulate a rough draft. It is very important to mention the name of the author and book title in the beginning of the review. Try to write the main theme and author’s purpose for writing the book in the beginning.
  3. Include a few short quotes from the book to increase interest and shows the author’s writing style but avoid lengthy quotes. Your review should explain your feelings about the book.
  4. After writing the first draft, read it again to check for errors. Look for errors as you would in any piece of writing. While writing a book review give specific information without giving away the plot.
  5. Avoid personal comments. Keep a balanced and fair attitude when writing any book review.
  6. Add additional information about the author.
  7. Do not use first person when writing a book review. Express original ideas using third person.
  8. Prepare a final draft after making any corrections so that it is free from errors. Your draft should not exceed the prescribed word limit.

We can share our ideas and views on books with others through book reviews. So be careful while writing your book reviews to make it effective and attractive.