Loch Ness Monster Photographs - monsters of the deep sea

Loch Ness Monster Photographs - monsters of the deep sea
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The Lochness

The very mention of the word monster arouses mixed feelings of awe, suspense, thrill or fear. Science does not believe in the existence of monsters, at least in the manner they are supposed to exist. Yet there are observations and phenomenon which are neither fully proved nor totally denied. One such legend is that of the Lochness Monster.

Actually a loch is a relatively small body of water such as a lake or a sea inlet, and the name Loch-Ness refers to a loch situated in the Scottish highlands and is one of the largest and deepest lochs in UK. You can see a beautiful picture of the loch-ness lake below, but as legend has it, this lake is supposed to harbor a mysterious monster as described below. another picture also shows the map of the lochness lake to help you identify is geographical location in a visual manner.

Lochness Graphics

Lochness Map

The Nessie

The Nessie is the nickname of the strange creature which exists (or supposed to exist) in the lochness lake and hence is also known by the more popular name of the lochness monster. The history of Nessie sightings can be traced back to as far as the 7th century A.D. wherein a local Saint of the region by the name St Columba is believed to have interacted with the monster by giving him orders not to touch human beings after a man was slaughtered by the beast.

Coming a bit further in history close to our own era, the earliest sightings were described in the year 1933 when two different sightings were reported by different people and their description was roughly the same and on both these occasion the creature was seen loitering on the road but ran into the loch after getting discovered. There have been several such sightings by different people after that in that area.

Though many of these accounts were mere verbal descriptions they cannot be relied upon with surety, yet many people came up with photographs and videos at different points of time. Many of these photos were later on found to be having some sort of deliberate or unintentional flaw which gave the impression of the monster while in reality they were other objects or animals, yet all was not over. Given below is one such popular picture known as the surgeon’s photograph which was later found to be fake and it was named so because it was taken by a doctor. You can also click here to see a self proclaimed Nessie video which shows something moving beneath the water. Obviously such videos can excite the believers to assume that it is the monster and hence help to spread the word about Nessie, but apart from these amateur findings there has been some serious study going on as well as you will see next.

Surgeon’s Photograph

Surgeon’s Photograph


It is a different thing to accidentally observe something by chance but it is another thing to do proper scientific research to prove or disprove and observation or theory. There were several expeditions carried out by groups of individuals with the aim of finding out the truth behind lochness observations. Some of these main groups included the following:

  • Sir Edward Expedition
  • LNPIB Sonar Expedition
  • Operation Deep Scan
  • GUST Expedition

Several sonar expeditions were carried out where sonar equipment was used to find any unusual sightings beneath the lake. On many occasions it was found that some unusual big object is moving beneath the surface of the water which could not be explained by the known objects or animals that exist in the Lochness.


The conclusion of the studies carried out to find the ultimate truth is still the same – there is no conclusive proof for existence of the lochness monster BUT the mystery lovers need not get disheartened for even the scientists who were involved in these teams have not ruled out the possibility of the existence of such a creature though science cannot stamp its existence unless solid conclusive proof is found. Many believe that it could be an ancient animal like the Plesiosaur which is supposedly extinct but resembles the description of the Lochness monster

Only time will tell whether it is true or not, yet the mystery still remains and it will continue to inspire people to search for the answers at least for the foreseeable future.

Image Credits

Images of Lochness: Crown Ordnance Survey

Surgeon’s Photograph: The Lochness Project