Put a Unique Halloween Spin on Nine Classic Preschool Games

Put a Unique Halloween Spin on Nine Classic Preschool Games
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A New Twist

One way to make some fun preschool Halloween Games is by putting a new twist on some old games for other holidays. Read some of the games below. Discuss them with your students before playing them to see if they can figure out what holiday this game was borrowed from.

Pumpkin Hunt: Use miniature pumpkins or pumpkin candy corn and hide them around the school yard or classroom. Ask students to use their candy bags to see who can find the most pumpkins! (Easter Egg Hunt)

Pumpkin Roll: Using the small pumpkins and a spoon, have students race across the classroom using the spoon to roll the pumpkin. (Easter Egg Roll)

Pumpkin Piñata: Have students help to make a pumpkin piñata to use at the party. If your class is tired of pumpkins, then decorate the piñata as a ghost instead. To make the piñata, simply blow up a balloon and cover it in prepared paper mache. Let the paper mache dry. Pop the balloon and paint the pumpkin or ghost. Have children hit it with a broom during the party to get to candy inside. (Cinco De Mayo or Birthdays)

Put the face on the Pumpkin or Create a Creature: Hang a poster board up with a rough outline of a face or pumpkin on it. Have students help you to cut out small triangles, squares and circles from some separate construction paper. Put poster putty on the back of the small shapes. Spin each student around 3 times blindfolded. Next, have them put the shape on the “face” to create a funny looking creature. Hint: You may want to place light circles on the “face to indicate the area that the shape should end up in for some guidance. (Pin the Tail on the Donkey-Birthdays)

Fall Bingo: Play BINGO using pumpkin seeds or corn kernels for the markers.

Bowling Pumpkins: Use pumpkins for the ball and ears of corn for the pins. To do this, place the ears of corn so that they are leaning against each other and create a sort of tepee. Then, roll the pumpkins towards the corn. Have students get as close as they need to in order to hit the corn, but not so close as to loose the comedy of the game.

Costume Contest: Hold a costume contest for adults and let the children be the judges!

Creature Twister: Play the Twister Game by changing the colors to different creatures. Instead of using the body, use acorns that the children collect. Have them toss them to hit the creature the spinner tells them to.

Leaf Pile Treasure Hunt: Fill a plastic swimming pool with leaves. Hide items in the leaves. Give each group of students two minutes to dig through the leaves and find the items..with their eyes closed!