Summer Preschool Activities

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Shadow Hop

Preschoolers are intrigued by their shadows, and this game can help them enjoy their shadows too! Split children into pairs. Challenge one child from each pair to try to jump on the other child’s shadow, and challenge the other child to dodge. Each child should only jump once, and the second child has to wait for the first child to jump. Have the children take turns jumping until one child succeeds, or let the game continue as long as the children are enjoying themselves.

Sunscreen Fun

Not sure how to get your child to allow you to apply sunscreen to his back and shoulders? Try this fun game. Apply a dab of sunscreen to your finger and draw a simple picture on your preschooler’s back, such as a heart, a smiley face, a star, or a sun. Ask your child to identify the picture. Then “erase” the picture (rub it in) and try again, continuing until all surfaces are covered. When you’re finished, you can let your child draw a few pictures on you as well!

Water Tag

This variation of tag will keep your little ones cool and happy in the summer sun. Give the child who is “it” a cup filled with water and set her free. Her goal is to tag another child – not by touching him, but by spilling the cup of water on him. The advantage of water tag over regular tag: You’ll be able to tell easily whether a child was tagged by whether he is covered in water! You may want to keep a bucket of water nearby to easily refill the cup as needed. If you find that children are throwing the cup, you might want to make a rule about keeping the cup in your hand when you are “it.”

There are other fun water games you can play that are perfect for summer fun!

Capture the (American) Flag

Try playing a simple version of Capture the Flag with your preschooler. Buy a small American flag and hide it outside. Softly sing a patriotic song, such as the national anthem or “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee,” and raise your voice louder and louder as your child gets closer and closer to the flag. When she finds it, it’s her turn to hide it and sing.