Finding Art and Talent Scholarships for International Students

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Finding Art and Talent Scholarships for the International Student

International students who wish to study abroad may not realize that there is financial support available to assist them in making their dream of international study come true. In fact, there are abundant amounts of scholarship monies available to international art and talent students; these are typically awarded for reasons ranging from academic performance to financial need.

Some scholarships are to available to students based upon their country of residence. For example, The Lady Mollie Askin Ballet Traveling Scholarship is available to Australian citizens for study either in Australia or abroad. Other scholarships are simply based upon a contest type mindset, such as the Authors of Tomorrow Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to the student who submits the best essay based on the topics chosen by the sponsor.

What are Inroads and Inter-cultural Grants?

Several grants, however, can be found to assist in a student’s quest for self development based on their course of study. For instance, Inroads Grant, which brings artists from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands together to work with artists based in the United States, is one such grant. Other grants to consider are the Intercultural Grants, which are awarded for projects that reflect the artistic and cultural diversity of the United States and Mexico. These grants are available not only for art, but also for music. However, another available group of scholarships is the Culver-Stockton International Student Scholarships. These scholarships are available for creative writing as well as music.

What Art and Talents Scholarships for International Students are Available to Domestic Students Also?

Another great place for all students, both domestic and international, to look for scholarships and grants is from a specific college or university. This is most likely the best and most underused resource for students to utilize. These schools offer a wide array of financial aid through scholarships and grants. For example, DePaul University, in Chicago Illinois, offers talent scholarships for art, and music, as well as theater. The school does require additional portfolios, auditions, and or interviews to be eligible for these awards; however, the trade-off for that is DePaul University tuition is the same for all students. The equal tuition offers an extreme value to the international students, as they enjoy the same tuition rate as a student who resides in Illinois.

International talent students should be encouraged by the amount of scholarships that are available, as well as the enormous diversity available for awards. Grants and scholarships can be found by searching the Internet which would allow the student to find a wide array of opportunities available to them. However, the student should not forget that the best place to look for scholarships that may be available is directly from the college or university themselves. The little known treasures of scholarships can most often be found there.