DVD Courses in College Chemistry: Resources for Preparation

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When it comes to college coursework the best method of success is to be prepared. Here we will review three sources of DVD coursework and preparation for college chemistry. These resources are good for college students looking to prepare for chemistry, high school students looking for a head start with college chemistry preparation or even the current chemistry student who is in need of assistance with classes. These DVD courses in college chemistry are uniquely designed to provide you with what you need to succeed.

“Chemistry Professor”

The first series of DVD courses in chemistry that we will review is the “Chemistry Professor” series. “Chemistry Professor” has been providing coursework and fundamentals for over forty years and has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Their DVD series combines proven educational methods with today’s technology to deliver a program that has been time tested and proven to help you through the college chemistry gauntlet. There are 4 basic DVD series covering everything from the fundamentals of college chemistry through level II chemistry and even organic chemistry.

The cost of one series of the DVD chemistry courses runs from $110.00 to $140.00 plus shipping and handling. It is designed for both the student learning experience, as well as the teachers wanting to review the chemistry subjects when looking to prepare lesson plans.

Standard Deviants “Chemistry” 3-Pack

Next involves a series of chemistry DVD’s from The Standard Deviants. Their “Chemistry" 3 Pack is a 3 DVD set of materials covering many topics that will be covered in college chemistry. Subjects such as:

  • The properties of matter
  • Atomic and molecular weights
  • Lewis structures and many more.

The “Chemistry” 3 Pack DVD set is designed to help students prepare for college chemistry, or even the AP Chemistry exams. The Standard Deviants create DVD programs from a variety of subjects such as, algebra, physics, geometry, and even Organic chemistry. Using methods to simplify the subjects along with interactive videos, demonstrations and humor their approach is designed to deliver the concepts in a simplified and entertaining means. This 3 DVD set on college chemistry can be found at Amazon.com or the Cerebellum Corporation. At $19.99 per course these are worth a look.

“I Tutor You Chemistry” DVD

Last but not least is the “I Tutor You Chemistry DVD” set. This college chemistry DVD set comes with 4 DVD’s covering all the main concepts that the college chemistry student will encounter. Designed and taught by Jeff Fleetwood from Scottsdale Community College, this DVD series will teach you the concepts and also provide tips and tricks with chemistry from the experience of an experienced instructor. Jeff Fleetwood has been teaching college chemistry for over 11 years and he puts his experience and knowledge to work for you in this 4 DVD learning pack. Each DVD is priced at $15.00 or the entire set can be purchased for $60.00. These DVD’s list the concepts in a comprehendible order and each topic can be covered as needed from the DVD menus. This DVD set is worth looking at if you are looking to cover some topics in chemistry from an experienced instructor. You can browse demonstrations of the lessons to review before buying. Check out the “I Tutor You Chemistry” DVD set!

Chemistry is considered to be one of the most difficult concepts to grasp by many students and when you are paying for college credits one does not want to take these courses lightly. These DVD courses in college chemistry are worth looking into for preparation or help when taking on chemistry courses.


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